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    DirecTV Announces Next 24 Markets to Receive HD Locals!

    I think the CSR was talking about RSN HD channels.
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    MPEG4 / Phoenix AZ

    KSAZ (FOX 10) is the only O&O station in the valley.
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    Phoenix AZ MPEG4 rollout: any progress?

    I think we will find out at CES.
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    DIRECTV rolls-out 4 more major DMAs with MPEG-4 LIL HD

    I guessing Phoenix (DMA #14) will be in the next round of MPEG-4 HD-LiL?
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    Question about new D* hdtv dish?

    4 wires come out of the new dish.
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    D* Satellite Launch Info

    That would make sense based on this: From PARIS — Orbital Sciences Corp. expects to complete repairs on Indonesia’s Telkom-2 telecommunications satellite and return it to its French Guiana launch base in late August, Orbital Sciences officials said. The satellite...
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    MPEG4 Upgrade Discussion

    The H20...
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    Active Weather

    I just received the software upgrade on my D10 for the new interactive features.
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    D* Satellite Launch Info

    The launch date for Spaceway 2 has been moved back to June 21.
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    D* Satellite Launch Info

    The launch date for Spaceway 2 has been moved back to June21.
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    Any notice to the 1st 12 markets yet?

    I live in the #15 market and the locals are already starting to uplink their HD channels to D*. No word on MPEG-4 swap out. P.S. Bob Marsocci, Vice President, Communications for D* said an a e-mail to me that there is more national HD channels coming this year but he did not mention...
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    Big News for Voom on E*, can D* get a similar deal

    I think that a similar package will make it's way to D*. Dan Collins has pretty good info...
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    Sixers/Pistons on 96

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    DTV's New HD Satellites

    Just to clarify. There are two more Ka sats (DirecTV 10 and 11) that will go up in 2007 that will round out the 1500 channels. Spaceway 1 & 2 will have the capacity for 500 HD LILs. How many HD channels DirecTV 8 can handle is not known.
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    DTV's New HD Satellites

    Spaceway 1 is going to launch in 2 hours. DirecTV 8 is going to launch on May 21 and Spaceway 2 is going up on June 15. Everything is on schedule so far.
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    Sinclair inks deal with D*:

    Robert/Longhorn, Have you heard if and when the upgrades will start assuming everything goes ok with Spaceway 1?
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    Sinclair inks deal with D*:

    Longhorn, Have you heard what the Ka payload for DirecTV 8 will be used for?
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    Active Weather

    He or she works for D*.
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    Active Weather

    From Chrysler to Drive ITV Ads on DirecTV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Steve Donohue 4/12/2005 5:23:00 PM DirecTV Inc. cut an advertising deal with DaimlerChrysler’s...
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    TS 360 with cable

    I have used the 360 here in Phoenix with Cox Cable. The 360 will only decode analog cable channels. If you want to view HD channels, you will need a QAM tuner. You can go into the dish setup and select "no dish." After you do that you can go in and scan for available cable channels.