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  1. David

    Personal Folders on 622

    Just noticed on my 622 this morning that personalized folders are now available. Been waiting for this convenient option for awhile. Software version 621...
  2. David

    Folders in Ext hard Drive

    Don't know when it happened, but this morning I noticed the long-awaited folder option in the EHD is finally available. Sure makes managing recordings alot easier. They still could make a few more improvements though--such as not ending up at the top of the list when exiting a recording...
  3. David

    Anyone else surprised?

    I was reading Friday's USA Today and every few sections had at least one (sometimes 2 or 3) full page ads for Direct TV's leading HD offerings. I am surprised that we haven't seen a quick counterstrike by Dish. There haven't been any new HD channel offerings from E* for awhile. At least you...
  4. David

    E* --Inform Your Customers!

    It amazes me that Dish doesn't communicate at all to it's customers about feature additions, new channels, etc. I always check this site on a regular basis to see what's happening. For example, the only way you would know if an HD channel was added would be to scroll down the HD list and...
  5. David

    Dishonline active on 622

    Turned on my 622 this morning and there is an active menu choice for Dishonline. Played with it for only a few minutes, but it shows a menu of over 100 movies available for 24 hour viewing, at least on of them for $2.99. Was surprised to see this appear today without reading anything about it...
  6. David

    L365 software for the 622

    Just noticed my 622 was uploading version L365. I wonder what good and bad things this will cause...
  7. David

    Lightning Miracle!

    I started a post on Sunday about a lightning strike at a neighbor's house that resulted in my loss of reception of the 110 satellite. It would not lock on and receive any of the channels from 110 on all three of my boxes. This condition existed for two days until yesterday--another fierce...
  8. David

    Will guide ever list HD programs?

    I thought I remember a posting saying that a future software upgrade will show which programs are in HD in the on-screen guide. This would be very useful. Does anyone know if this will ever happen?
  9. David

    Lightening Strike!!!

    Lightning Strike!!! Last night, lightening struck a tree about 100 feet from my house and started a fire at my neighbor's. After I expressed my sympathy, I went back inside to watch TV and found that I could not get a lock on the 110 satellite on all three of my boxes. I rebooted and ran a...
  10. David

    My install--Murphy's Law!

    I called promptly on Feb 1st for a 622 install. Earliest date was March 5th. Told CSR at the time that I needed a Dish 1000. Called back two weeks later to confirm the date. Work order did NOT have a 1000 on it. I told them to be sure to annotate it. The CSR then informed me that my NEW...
  11. David

    How to find out name of installer?

    My install is for March 5th and I wanted to find out the name/number of the installer so that I could confirm what I need. I called DISH two days ago and was told that they couldn't give me that info until the day prior. (I assume it's because the exact subcontractor hadn't been assigned yet.)...
  12. David

    Send back old receiver after upgrade?

    My 622 install is this Sunday March 5th. I am replacing my old DISH Player 500 with the 622. I received an empty box last week to send the DISH Player back. I informed the CSR that I own the equipment and she explained that I could get a $25 credit for it if I return it, although I see this...
  13. David

    Military Channel coming to DISH?

    Just read an AP story that there are two new channels--The Military Channel and The Military History Channel. Both are already broadcasting. The article said that the M H Channel was offered free to cable and satellite operators for three months when it started last week. I don't see it...