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    Cheapest Dish Plan with local channels?

    I am looking to replace my America's Top 120 with local channels on two televisions using one Vip 722k receiver that I am currently getting for $63.11 including all taxes and fee's. My two year contract is up next week. I heard the Dish Welcome pack is no longer available even if you call? Is...
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    Ugly Dish Satellite Install Picture

    Had complete loss of signal and a Dish Tech installed a new Dish. What is with all the wires hanging off the new Dish? Are there any Dish standards for aesthetics? Will this really hold up in a storm?
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    Cancelling Dish Protection Plan Same Day it is Ordered?

    I have a "Complete Signal Outage" 31-12-45. I added the Protection Plan online and then did a dish chat and scheduled a free tech visit for Sunday 8/7/16. Can I cancel the Protection Plan today (Friday) for the $30 fee? Or do I need to wait until the tech visit on Sunday? Or should I just keep...
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    Adding Chinese Family Pack to AT 200 - Do I really need a second Dish satellite?

    I have America's Top 200. I am looking to add "Chinese Family Pack" for $5 per month. won't let me add it. I initiated an online chat and Dish told me that I need to get a second satellite dish which would cost $100 plus $15 for installation. Is there a way to add Chinese Family Pack...
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    Dish sent me a receiver that was not removed from other customers account

    My Dish 722k died (first 722k). Dish sent me a replacement, but neglected to remove it from other customers account (second 722k). I was able to view their programming (AT120) on the second 722k, but I had no local channels. Receiver was showing a different time zone. When I notified Dish, they...