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  1. richardmb

    How do i make the favorites list stay when i click the guide button?

    That's a nice fuction Dtv had, maybe Comcast with incorporate it in the future.
  2. richardmb

    No Guide or Menu Screen

    Went to a Comcast center yesterday and exchanged the DVR for another one, hooked up the reconditioned one and everything is good. So much for tech support,
  3. richardmb

    No Guide or Menu Screen

    Oh, I noticed the missing guide data Friday afternoon when i got home from work, it's now 11:50 pm on Sunday and still no guide. I use to have the data but i called tech. support about not having On Demand. they fixed it and that's when i lost the guide data, go figure. So now come Thursday I...
  4. richardmb

    No Guide or Menu Screen

    Just had comcast installed last Saturday, i'm now on my 4th dvr, 1st one couldn't get On Demand, 2nd one had a broken face plate, 3rd one Dvr didn't work, this one I can't get Guide data or get the menu bar, two calls to tech. support got the usual request unplug unit and wait 45 minutes...
  5. richardmb

    U-Verse improved??

    Well, had uverse installed, so far so good, Pic quality might be slightly less than Dtv but it's really hard to tell. To me it's more than satisfactory I'm having a tech. come out today to look at the dvr. very slow response time using the remote. takes multiple try's to change channels or go...
  6. richardmb

    Welcome to AT&T U-verse Forum!

    Great, I'll be getting my uverse install on the 29th
  7. richardmb

    U-Verse improved??

    No problem, I'll let you know.
  8. richardmb

    U-Verse improved??

    Well I jumped, getting Uverse installed on 12/29. Hope the Hd Picture quality is comparable to D*'s. However I won't miss the searching for sat. single every time it sprinkles.
  9. richardmb

    U-Verse improved??

    How's the uverse dvr compare with D*'s, just got uverse in my area and I'm thinking of switching from D* to uverse. It get's very irritating when it sprinkles out and I get searching for sat.
  10. richardmb

    Opinion Time

  11. richardmb

    Opinion Time

    Must be cold in that bed with that big metal Dish
  12. richardmb

    FM Antenna Extender?

    That radio you got doesn't broadcast as strongly has your old radio, I had a starmate 5 that was great but had to replace it with a new staremate 5, that is just awful, and that fm extender doesn't work very well either . So I had to buy a Fm direct connect modulator
  13. richardmb

    Down Arrow Key

    It's better than what we have now
  14. richardmb


    While trying to read some posts I've run into advertisements sitting on top of the posts. How do I get rid of these advertisements, there doesn't seem to be any way to close them. Thanks in advance
  15. richardmb

    New CE Feature Request Idea

    How about start a recording late like from 1 minute to 1 hr
  16. richardmb

    What do you guys think about Direct HD Expansion

    I'll say it again Turner Classic Movies
  17. richardmb

    HR20-100 & 700 National Software Release's 0x1EA

    Got it here in Chicago
  18. richardmb

    New HD Today!

    I just got a message from my series 2 tivo that speed has been added to the D* HD lineup.
  19. richardmb

    New HD channels?

    Got a message yesterday letting me know about the new NFLHD channel on 169. I'm getting it, but had to subscribe to the sports package to get it. However I did call and got them to lower the price too 1.99 a month for six months.
  20. richardmb

    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Berwyn Il. 60402