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    How long will you wait for DISH to deliver before switching to DirectTV

    I'm under contract for 3 more months so I will wait until my contract is up and evaluate my options at that time.
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    Problems With TBS HD

    No, I also have 119 and 110. I had an installer out today and he replaced my dish because there was a problem with it but I am still having my issues. I think my 129 signal at night is in the 10-15 range.
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    Problems With TBS HD

    Is there anything I can do to correct the poor signal from 129 or am I just SOL?
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    Tbs Hd Is Live!

    I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with TBS HD?, I get an error message that the signal has been lost for channel 139 Sat 129 Transponder 6. This is the only channel that I have been having issues with. If anyone can give me some pointers on how to fix this it would be appreciated.
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    A&E Hd?

    I just put on CSI Miami and it seems like the picture is zoomed in. Tops of heads are cut off. I don't remember their picture being like this before the fire.
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    Mavericks - anyone getting on RSNSW 366 ?

    Last nights game did not offer a HD feed. See the link to the Mavericks website below.
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    Voulme Problem

    I live in Dallas as well and have the same problem with NBC. All of the rest of the channels come in fine but the volume for NBC is horrible.