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    My old 622 still reboots at least once a day while watching live TV, usually OTA broadcasts.
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    Random Reboot: 3/1/2012 5:40 PM OTA Tuner 7.1 (WHDH) It happens at least once a day between 5-7PM, and sometimes in the morning.
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    NESN HD Feed cutting to commercials during Red Sox game

    Has anyone else noticed that the NESN HD Feed has been cutting to Dish Network inserted commercials at the wrong time during Red Sox games over the last few Baltimore games? We missed a Jed Lowrie homerun and I think a Carl Crawford hit this other night. I happened to go to the SD feed and...
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Happy holidays to everyone at!
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    verizon promo

    I tried to get the deal but they wouldn't let me. They kept asking how I heard about it and if I got an email from them and could I forward it to them. Must be only available in certain markets.
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    Dish 612 DVR goes out every night

    I had issues with my 612. It would hang, not respond to the remote or front panel and would take a minute to show video once you change the channel. Dish replaced it and the new one has been much better. Still reboots once in a while during the day.
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    Anyone here use a home signal repeater???

    The Verizon Network Extender has a $100 rebate until the end of August.
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    Mark Forums Read

    The link doesn't appear to work in the SatelliteGuys Classic style.
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    Sirius FM reception

    I had the same problem when I went to a Stilletto 2 in my truck. I ended up buying and installing a "FM Direct Adapter" (Model#: FMDA25) and it solved the problem. I no longer get static or drop outs. Here is a link: FM Direct Adapter (Wired Relay)
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    Harmony 520 Remotes Under $30

    I had a similar issue a while back with my Harmony remote and disabling the firewall temporarily fixed the issue.
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    DSL slows down when DP625 connected to phone line

    When I had DSL in the past, using 2 filters instead of one helped with the noise.
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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player #2 - Enter To Win!

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    9" Portable DVD Player #2- Enter To Win

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