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  1. Scorpion.sting

    May I please PM you Scott?

    PM please
  2. Scorpion.sting

    Strong language?

    What is considered strong language Scott?
  3. Scorpion.sting

    Fallen Soldier thread closed. Why?

    The fallen soldier thread in the "Bar & Grill has been closed. Why is this?:rant:
  4. Scorpion.sting

    DocSis 3.0 rollout Logansport When?

    Does anyone know when Comcast will rollout DocSis 3.0 in the Logansport, Indiana area? I'd love to have faster internet speeds.
  5. Scorpion.sting

    Did anyone else just lose the Sci-Fi channel?

    Sci-Fi just went off the air here. Anyone else lose it?
  6. Scorpion.sting

    Want to get a new Power supply

    Hi Can anyone tell me what power supplies would work with a Gateway GT5428? IIt currently has a 300 watt supply and I would like to upgrade to a 500 watt supply. I hear that since its a Gateway, I may not be able to just buy a regular ATX power supply. Any help would be appreciated...
  7. Scorpion.sting

    My HD programming got shut off

    I came home from work today and wanted to watch something on Discovery HD channel (since I subscribe to HD everything pak) and found that all my HD channels on the left side in my guide were all red instead of blue. When I press the button to watch one of these red colored channel that Im...
  8. Scorpion.sting

    Major periodic pixelation on "Spike TV"

    Has anyone else seen this lately. Major pixelation on "Spike TV" channel?
  9. Scorpion.sting

    Which Sat carries what channels on E*

    Does anyone know where I can go to find out what Sat carries what channel and also which transponder it uses for a channel concerning Dish Network?
  10. Scorpion.sting

    Condition of Sea Launch

    Has anyone heard anything about the condition of Sea Launch? Its been almost 2 months since the explosion so I was just wondering. Thanks
  11. Scorpion.sting

    61.5 Dish out of alignment

    Hello Does anyone happen to know where in the sky (besides South) i need to point the Dish 500? as in Skew and such?
  12. Scorpion.sting

    This is crazy. No Pro Bowl in HD

    I cannot beleive that the Pro Bowl is not being telecast in HD. Something about the expense of shipping the HD equipment over to Hawaii would not be worth it. I guess CBS could give to sheets less about the consumer.
  13. Scorpion.sting

    How can I get the Superbowl in HD?

    Hey Guys I live in Logansport, Indiana, and I get my locals out of Indianapolis. They dont offer any HD locals yet. Is their any way I can watch the game (at home) in HD? Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Scorpion.sting

    Switching cables to HDTV question

    Today I switched the cables I was using from my 411 to my TV and now my TV shows HD channels in full screen where before I had top and bottom bars and also my SD channel picture has changed from full screen to bars on the sides of my TV. This is what cable I was using: S-Video This is cable...
  15. Scorpion.sting

    Any suggestions on what antenna I need to get?

    I live in Logansport, Indiana. WTHR channel 13 out of Indianapolis says that their signal will reach my city. Heres the problem, I go to and it only gives me stations out of Lafayette, Indiana as the only stations that I can receive. Could anyone give me some suggestions as to...
  16. Scorpion.sting

    Any New HD Channels Coming?

    Is it correct that E* did not announce any new HD channels at CES? If so, that is pretty sucky.
  17. Scorpion.sting

    Cell Phone interupting dish signal

    Hi Has anyone ever heard of a cell phone interrupting the signal you get from Dish? Well it is happening to me. Everytime I get a call to my cell phone, the picture on my TV loses the signal and is trying to get it back.:eek:
  18. Scorpion.sting

    Can IHookup 4 sats to DPP34 switch?

    Hi Guys This is what I got. I have Dish HD Plat Pack. I have 2 Dish 500 dishes. One dish is pointing at 61.5 sat, the other two are pointing at 110 & 119 sats. The 61.5 coax connects to one of the LNB's pointing at 110 or 119 sat so I only have two coax cables coming into my house. My...
  19. Scorpion.sting

    Audio & Video sync problem

    Greetings:) I have audio & video sync problems. When I turn off the receiver and then turn it back on, it is fixed but only for a short time. Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem?
  20. Scorpion.sting

    Why did the installer run cable from 1 dish to another?

    Hi Guys I had my install done back in February 2006. Here is what the installer did and also the equipment that I have. I have a dish 500 pointed at 61.5 for HD and I have a dish 500 pointed at 110 & 119. The installer ran the cable from the 61.5 dish clear over to the other dish 500 which...