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    Can I still activate a 512

    I have a 512 receiver that was taken out of service when I discontinued Dish last year. If I sell it will Dish still activate it or is it now obsolete and destined for the recycle bin?
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    DVR Functionality with 211 and External Drive

    I know its probably been discussed before, but I want to make sure I understand this correctly. If I use an external drive with a 211 hd receiver will I have all the same functions as a regular dvr, such as setting timers for recordings and having the extended multi-day guide? Or am I limited to...
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    Will 512 Work With Both IR and UHF Pro Remotes At The Same Time?

    I just got a 512 as a replacement for a 508. Because of that I didnt get an accessory pack, so no remotes included. It happens that I had one IR and one UHF Pro remotes with the correct feature buttons for PIP, etc. But I can't seem to make both work at the same time. Either the IR one works or...
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    Will Dishpro work with VIP Receivers?

    I have a Dishpro dual lnb dish for 110-119 with a single dish next to it for 129 and a DP 34 switch. Will the existing Dishpro equipment work with the VIP series HD receivers or will it have to be changed to one of the 1000.x antennas?
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    Finding 129

    I thought I would try and find 129 so I would be ready for HD. Using my old un-suscribed 4900 receiver and a spare dish 300, I searched but couldnt bring in a signal. Is it possible the 4900 software isn't ready to get 129 yet? In the point dish screen, 129 is one of the selectable options, but...
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    Looking for D* Transponder Info

    Is there any charts or info online similar to the Echostar Knowledge Base which shows the D* channel lineup with the satellite and transponder? Im also looking for info on which spot beams the locals are located and the approximate footprint of each spot.