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  1. richardmb

    No Guide or Menu Screen

    Just had comcast installed last Saturday, i'm now on my 4th dvr, 1st one couldn't get On Demand, 2nd one had a broken face plate, 3rd one Dvr didn't work, this one I can't get Guide data or get the menu bar, two calls to tech. support got the usual request unplug unit and wait 45 minutes...
  2. richardmb


    While trying to read some posts I've run into advertisements sitting on top of the posts. How do I get rid of these advertisements, there doesn't seem to be any way to close them. Thanks in advance
  3. richardmb

    Home made Projector Screen

    OK I hope this isn't a really dumb question so here goes. My wife is starting her own company . It's to help Adults and their children with disabilities .We just bought a projector (View Sonic PJ402D DLP Projector) To help with presentations.Has it turns out this unit will Display 720p and...
  4. richardmb

    LCD, Plasma or Rear projection

    I've noticed lately that allot of hd Lcd & Plasma sets are being sold at 720p, and most 1080i/p sets are rear projection is there a big difference in quality between plasma & or lcds and rear projection sets? :confused:
  5. richardmb

    720p & 1080i/p

    Maybe it's because I've been paying more attention but I see allot of HD TV's that Best Buy, Circuit city and other retailer's sell that are 720p I allways thought 1080i or 1080p was true HD. Is this something new or has it been going on for a while? Ive been dong some research into them for a...
  6. richardmb


    Since you asked me for a post here's one. Iv'e been looking around for Forum rules and can't seem to fine them. When you get banned what's the duraction. thanks in advance.
  7. richardmb

    Dtv to buy Tivo?

    Has anyone heard of this rumor yet.:confused: