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    Will Zinwell SAM-3402 work?

    Will the Zinwell SAM-3402 work with any Dish Network systems? What about Bell ExpressVu?
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    Which satellite and dish type needed for HD?

    I used to install DirecTV years ago. I was wondering if the Phase 3 Triple LNB Dish is still needed for HD programming? Or has everything gone to the slimlime? Have they added any HD programming on 101 that can be picked up with the regular 18 inch dish? Thanks in advance.
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    Multi-switches in parallel. Need advice please.

    I have a couple of new (and free) 3x4 multiswitches and wanted to wire them in parallel to get 8 outputs. I was wondering if there are any pitfalls to doing this? Are there some multiswitches that don’t work well in parallel? Also I know I need power passing high freq splitters. Do both...
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    22 KHZ switches

    I have a guy that is trying to tell me we gave him the wrong type of 22KHz switch. The switch has the words "22 KHz Pulse Control Switch" on the label. BTW the manufacturer states on the product description it is a 22 KHz tone switch. He states we sent him the wrong type of switch. He states...
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    Need help with new LNB

    I have a pansat 2700A receiver. I changed out my old LNB with a new standard Ku Band LNB (different brand) but the new LNB is not working. The old LNB still works. The new one doesn’t however. I tried the new LNB on a friend’s receiver and it works fine on his receiver. At first I thought the...
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    Will a DirecTV MultiSwitch work with FTA?

    I have a guy trying to sell me that a Perfect Vision SAM-3402 DirecTV Multi-Switch can be used with Free-to-Air equipment. He is also telling me that the same multi-switch can be used with Dish Network. I was pretty sure that Dish Network and DirecTV multi-switches are not compatible but...
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    Defective switch or receiver setup problem?

    I am using a DMS International 4x1 DiSEqC switch. I can only get vertically polarized signals through the switch (except on the Sat2 input which seems to pass all polarizations.) Is this a defective switch or could I have something setup wrong with the receiver? Thanks in advance.
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    What does RF, IF, and LO mean on an LNB?

    Just bought an LNB and it has the following written on it: RF: 11.7 - 12.5 GHz IF: 950 - 1750 MHz LO: 10.75 GHz Looks like input and output frequency for the 1st two frequency ranges. But I was wondering what RF, IF, and LO exactly are abbreviations of? Thanks in advance :)