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  1. Faw

    I dont understand Dish (Hopper hard disk died, customer service adventures)

    Ok, my hopper hard disk died so I used chat to get it replaced. First chat (Paraphrase) Me: My hopper hard disk died, need a replacement. CS: Yes well replace it Me: Can you replace for the new Hopper with Sling? I'll pay for the upgrade. CS: Lucky you, I can replace your bad hopper for...
  2. Faw

    Hopper and HDHomeRun Dual

    Would it be possible to anyone in contact with Dish techs (Scott/DIRT) ask about adding support for the HDHomeRun to the Hopper? That could be easily integrated with the Hopper. Connect to the network, query device for tuners and channels, query for streams. It seems easier and more practical...
  3. Faw

    PTAT question

    From what I understand the hopper just stores the "locals transponder stream" (is that correct) and then filters the 4 networks, right? If that's true why are only the 4 main networks available and not the other locals? Is it because of contracts? Is it because it just gets streams for those 4...
  4. Faw

    SD channels are stretched any way to change that?

    I don't remember SD channels being stretched in my 722, I think they showed the black bars at the sides. In the hopper they are stretched. I've looked around but see no way of changing that setting. Is there a way to do it or do I have to look at squished people all the time?
  5. Faw

    Search not working in the Hopper?

    I just got a Hopper yesterday and was setting up all my timers. The easiest way was doing a search (like in my 722) and creating the timer. The thing is nothing I searched for showed up. For example: "Tron: Uprising", I entered "TRON", nothing, clicked on "More" (I think thats the button...
  6. Faw

    Signal loss question. Also is there a satelliteguys installer directory?

    For some reason recently I'm getting a lot of "low signal" messages in some channels. LNBs lose signal over time right? Also, is there a directory of installers that visit this site? I think an installer that visits this forum must be better informed than the ones that don't.
  7. Faw

    Question about new Dish for PR (500PR)

    Anyone that has this dish, is the signal ok? It seems too small... Also are the LNBs on it DishPro or DishProPlus? Asking because from what I've read the hopper needs DPP LNBs otherwhise an extra switch+power is needed (correct me if im wrong).
  8. Faw

    Has anyone in PR tested a DPP Twin LNB with a 4/5 feet antenna?

    I'm talking about this LNB. I know the new antenna used in PR uses something like that (2 lnbs in the same antenna) but I think the antenna is too small (I live in Bayamon and it's always raining). So has anyone experimented with it? Right now I have a 6' channelmaster and a 5' metal antenna...
  9. Faw

    Dish Said to Plan Blockbuster Rival to Netflix

    Look here. Apparently starts next month.
  10. Faw

    Antenna Arrays Could Replace Satellite TV Dishes

    Saw this on slashdot, didn't knew where to post it so i thought technical discussions would be good, move it if it's the wrong place. Basically its a very large array, use a lot of small antennas to replace a single large ones an use software to sort of simulate the large one. By altering how...
  11. Faw

    What HD channels in HD4Life in PR?

    I have AT250+PR HDpak and 2 antennas (110/119). I know I wont be able to get some channels with the new HD4Life thing. So my question is: Which channels will I get in PR with AT250+HD4life? Or if its easier which channels I wont get?
  12. Faw

    Still no PR/AK/HI HD information?

    Is there no information about this yet? I'm from PR but from what I understand, we're all ignored equally...
  13. Faw

    Eastern Arc and the Caribbean

    I have been reading some posts about the Eastern Arc and from what I've understand, it's an all MPEG4 service which I guess means more channels, less satellites (since MPEG4 compression is better), right? We down here (in Puerto Rico) need 2 antennas for 110/119, I want to get HD, so I would...
  14. Faw

    Dish PC Card

    There was a Dish PC card mentioned here. Any other info on it?
  15. Faw

    AT&T Warns Apple, Others, Of Patent Infringement (MPEG4)

    "AT&T possesses several patents related to video compression, which the company says are an essential component of the MPEG-4 video technology. In a bid to drive its global licensing program, AT&T has targeted Apple Computer, Inc., CyberLink Corp., DivX, Inc., InterVideo, Inc., and Sonic...
  16. Faw

    Are there any DishPro compatible LNBs out there?

    I ask because down here (PR) we need big antennas (5-6 feet) and they rarely come (never seen one) with D-tubes like the ones Dish uses. For example, I have a 6 ft pointing at 119 and a 5 ft at 110, one uses the square tube connector and the other is the ones that grab the neck of the LNB (don't...
  17. Faw

    Questions about DishPro LNBs

    First of all, I live in Puerto Rico, we need 2 dishes one for 119 and another for 110. Now to my questions. I want to use DishPro LNBs. I imagine I will need Dish-Pro SINGLE LNBs for each dish, right? I guess the duals wont work because both will try to get 119/110 but I don't know. Is...
  18. Faw

    Are there any screenshots for the 522 interface?

    I did a search but coudn't find anything in the forum and I know there were some here but can't seem to find them. Searched on google too and found nothing (it actually sent me here).
  19. Faw

    Is my 721 dead?

    It seems one of the tuners in my 721 is dead :( This morning it was showing the "Acquiring signal" window, so I did a check switch. I noticed that the check in tuner 1 was taking a long time and when it was done it said there was nothing in tuner one, but tuner 2 was ok. I swapped the cables...
  20. Faw

    721 Software update

    Two days ago there was a software update in my 721, now is version L175. Anybody knows what's new on this version?