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    nfl ticket, why why why

    why are fox stations holding to the jets giants game, but dont release the cowboys eagles game, until the ny game ends
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    need some help/suggestion

    I replaced the LCD panel in my home theater system this morning with a new Sharp Quattron LCD. The problem I am having is that when my Blue Ray player is connected directly via HDMI, the panel displays correctly. The player is a LG BD390. When the player is connected thru my av receiver, an...
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    preseason nfl black out(s)?

    todays colts and 49ers game is blacked on NFL network. Dont know why, live in missouri so local stations arent covering it. was able to watch the live miami v tampa game last. no big deal since its pre season, but........
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    HR-21 error 15-937

    My HR 21 has worked without issue for approx 2.5 years until sunday morning. It wouldnt turn on, acted like it had been updated. After unplugging the unit, it started the initialization process and finally errored out with the above error, apparently an HDD error. DTV is replacing, ive never...
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    Samsung BD-P1400 problems

    I have owned this player for about 10 months (purchased new from Newegg) and am tired of dealing with it. Firmware is upto date and unit is connected to my a/v receiver via HDMI. Since I purchased unit, I would estimate that any blu ray disk i have player in it, maybe 1 in 3 would playback...
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    Toshiba HD-A2 audio question

    I have subject player connected to an Onkyo a/v receiver via hdmi. I played 2 hddvd movies, Miami Vice (DDPlus) and The Matrix (Dolby TrueHD), and both audio streeams show as PCM multichannel HDMI on my receiver which supports both DDPlus and Dolby True HD. The player is set to auto on the...
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    Home theater suggestions requested.

    I am thinking of upgrading my home theater surround sound system. Logitec z5500 Budget $2000 I am leaning toward the onkyo sr805 a/v receiver @$700 so that leaves around $1300 for speakers. I would like a 5.1 surround sound system but have no idea what to get. I have looked at some of the...
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    Record to receiver error

    When scheduling a program for my HR 21 to record using D's web site tv listing feature, i get a "generic error" Program doesnt record. HR 21 is connected to my home network and I have tested the units connectivity. What am I doing wrong? Does port forwarding need to be enable in my router?
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    CBSCHD 610 neutered?

    As I understand it, this channel is owned and operated by CBS. I been watching replays of NCAA tournament games over the past few weeks, none of these games are the HD quality that they were orignally broadcasted in. Why?
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    recomendation requested

    For a Home Theater Magazine and Home Theater web site for equipment reviews, like Aandtech does for computer related equipment tia
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    Do I have the lastest firmware?

    Samsung BD P1400 System Info shows 080114.01_XAA Samsung web site shows version as the latest. Do I need to upgrade?
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    ESPN News HD

    This morning listening to ESPN News, they announced going live with ESPN News HD on March 30th. Wonder if D will pick it up.
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    not impressed with samsung bd1400

    when i purchased a toshiba hd dvd a2 from walmart, worked out of the box for hd content i just received subject player and it wont play a blu ray disk, die hard 4. regular dvd load fine. no where in the documentation indiates that u must ugrade frm ware before unit will read blu ray disk...
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    Configuring Toshiba A2 HDDVD player

    My issue is with standard DVD's. They play in a 4x3 box, not full screen. I have the resotion set for upto 1080i and the picture shape is set to 16x9. I am using the supplied HDMI cable connecting to an Olevia LT42HVi LCD.
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    missouri v kstate

    Guide shows its in HD on ch647, fox sports midwest, but its a SD broadcast. I also have a listing for FSNMWHD, 647-1,but there is no programing at this time. Why would the guide indicate an HD broadcast when it is not?
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    HR21-700 slow to respond to remote

    I had the HR21 installed on Thursday. I would estimate that the unit only responds to 1 in 4 commands from the remote. I have replace the batteries but that made no difference. Is there a fix for this? The remote is RC64
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    a fair upgrade deal?

    i finally called d* to see what it was going to cost to upgrade to the new 5lnb dish, and upgrade to an hr20 and an h20. cr says 199 for the hr20, 99 for the h20 and a 2 year programing commitment. is this the going rate?
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    Does directv have plans to broadcast this event as a pay per view?
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    H10 question

    I am trying to program an RCA universal remote for the Directv H10. Does any one know who are the manufacturers of the H10? Ive tried the codes associated with directv and hughes but neither of those work. tia
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    intermittant transponder problem

    I am using a phase 3 trilple lnb dish with an HR10 and a RCA DVR. A couple of weeks ago, on the HR10, half the transponders would not respond on 101. Rebooting hr10 resoved nothing as it was stuck trying to find the first transponder. I called directv csr and deternined it was a problem with...