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  1. shill

    722 Wireless Networking with Starband 360

    I have a 360 starband system for our internet service as we live in the sticks (that's country for you folks that live where access is no problem). I have an ad-hoc wireless setup for a 2nd pc in my son's room. I was told that with this system, you can only do ad-hoc, as starband did not like...
  2. shill

    722 No sound on tv 2. Help

    New install, sounds works fine if put on mode 1 on both tv's, but they have to share. When put on dual, sounds goes dead on tv2. Sounds easy, but I've been troubleshooting all night????
  3. shill

    What about us who have waited? 622 No Hd. Ready to get it now?

    Ok guys, I've waited and waited. Where is all the info for us who've been sitting on hdtv's with no hdtv dvr's or receivers? I heard of a big rebate for us who are ready to upgrade to HDTV from standard. Where is it?
  4. shill

    Will lifetime be back?

    Simple question, don't want to hear from you single guys who watch porn all the time either. :D You have no idea what it's like to be married. I know there are threads about cost and Charlie vs. the Amazon Woman (Lifetime). But, I simply want to know if Lifetime will be back?:confused...
  5. shill

    Standard Dish message is gone.Can I get Voom now?

    Hey guys, bear with me I need help. Have a 51"hdtv and dish. Still not subscribing to the HD channels as 10 bucks for 5 channels AND a 942 seems outrageously expensive. Used to, when I tuned to a few channels such as Pax and another local, I got a blue screen and told to call Dish for a free...