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    What is "Web Activation" anyway?

    On my 722, I find a "Web Activation" menu entry under "Broadband Setup." Trying it always gives me a "Failed to activate ..." error. searching, I can find lots of folks with the same complaint, but I can't find out what it's actually supposed to do. The receiver's online, although it's behind a...
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    Dish 211k appears as DLNA server, sort of

    Finally plugged our 211K into the home LAN to free up a phone jack and now the LG Blu-ray player shows it as a DLNA server. Selecting it produces "Media server access is not permitted" however. Of course, since the 211 doesn't have any mass storage it has nothing to serve, unless it was...
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    What HD STB is used in St. Paul, MN?

    Unless my neighbor's elm tree disappears, I'll have to abandon Dish and go to cable in order to get equivalent HD programming. Wandering Comcast's Web site, it looks like they use the Motorola DCT-5100 HD STB. It looks like this box has only DVI out, no HDMI. Is that really the case? How well...