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    How can I set this up?

    I've attached a diagram of what I need to do. I've never done such a large install and not sure what I need or if it's even possible without running new wires. Currently there is a slimline dish mounted on a pole in the back yard. There are 2 lines going to house 1 where there is a HDDVR...
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    Thinking of upgrading to HR23

    I've been a directv customer for 5+ years, can't remember exactly when. I have 4 old RCA receivers. If I upgrade one of the receivers to a HR23 how will my account be affected? Will I be locked in to a 2 year contract? How much more in fees/taxes will I have to pay on top of the HD package?
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    Remote control code for Vizio

    :rant:How many years has Vizio been making televisions now? Why doesn't Directv have Vizio listed in the remote control setup in the receivers? I've seen many brands that I've never heard of, yet no Vizio.
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    Naples/Ft. Myers hd locals transponder

    Hi, does anyone know which satellite and transponder the locals are on for Naples/Ft. Myers in HD? If anyone has a link to all directv transponders that would be even better. Thank you