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  1. David

    DISH Expands Amazon Alexa Voice Control Support

    It would be useful if you could verbally turn the hopper/joey on and off.
  2. David

    Amazon Echo/Dot Commands

    I have a H3, Joey 4K and Joey...scannned twice and it only discovered the H3.
  3. David

    Sling Adapter died?

    I had the exact same issue last week. Either it works (red light) or it doesn't. I called tech help and replaced both hoppers with HWS at no cost ( but a 2 year commitment). Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  4. David

    When changing channels screen is black, and channel won't load

    I've had this same issue intermittently over the past couple of months on both my Hoppers... Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  5. David

    What don't you like about the Hopper

    Hopper is the best receiver I've ever had. Would like to see an edit title feature (with capitalization). I record an OTA movie weekly and without program guide info, there is no way of seeing the movie title without starting the program. Being able to set recordings from one Hopper to...
  6. David

    Guide : My Channels

    I agree, it is annoying. It should be easy enough to write software making it a selectable preference in the settings menu... Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  7. David

    S244 is out

    I'm still waiting for the ability to edit titles. I have numerous OTA recordings from channels with no guide info. It's hard to remember what is recorded after a while... Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  8. David

    HWS, Dish anywhere. and GoGo inflight internet

    To be completely accurate, GOGO works above 10,000 feet and within 100 miles of the Continental US. This summer, Delta is expanding inflight internet access to international flights. They are also upgrading the domestic system to allow more users per flight without significant slow-downs...
  9. David

    EHD on hopper drops off?

    I have experienced the same thing with my WD EHD. I've had my Hopper for a month. It will randomly show the external device, then the next time I look, it is gone. Unplugging and re-plugging the EHD will make it re-appear, but if I do nothing, it will also come back on it's own at some point...
  10. David

    2 hopper system

    Thanks for the info. It makes it more understandable. I just finished an online order chat and was told of the 2H/2J requirement. After a series of back and forth banter, I was told to simply deactivate the second Joey. I'm not a new customer, so the charge was $100 for each Hopper for a total...
  11. David

    2 hopper system

    I guess I will go that way but I thought the whole point of asking the DIRT Team via this site was to get the best possible price with a quick, accurate instalation...
  12. David

    2 hopper system

    The DIRT member is the one who told me that. I just wrote back questioning that statement and am awaiting a response.
  13. David

    2 hopper system

    I want a 2H/1J system and was told every Hopper had to have a Joey, meaning if I wanted 2 Hoppers I have to have 2 Joeys. Now I'm confused.
  14. David

    Hopper Upgrades

    I have been contacted within just a couple of hours...great response!
  15. David

    Hopper Upgrades

    I am interested in being contacted to upgrade from one 622 and two 522's to 2 Hoppers, one Joey and a sling adapter. Please PM me...
  16. David

    FIRST LOOK - Logitech Revue GoogleTV Device

    I did an online chat yesterday to find out why my order (placed 10/28) did not ship yet and the CSR said that it did indeed ship via UPS on that SAME DAY. I was skeptical but upon checking online today, I have a tracking number and it is on the truck for delivery today...
  17. David

    FIRST LOOK - Logitech Revue GoogleTV Device

    Just called as well, no shipping but did pay state tax (GA). Expect to receive it in 4 days. Had to agree to the $4 integration fee...
  18. David

    FIRST LOOK - Logitech Revue GoogleTV Device

    Just went online and the order form shows "out of stock" with no other info...
  19. David


    Too bad. Nothing ever works completely the way you would like it to...
  20. David


    Does anyone know if the integration with the DVR includes the EHD as well?