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    What channels on KU HD that are not on SD

    I am thinking about upgrading to a HD receiver. I have a motorized mount KU dish but I can't got 30w. My arc is about from 69 to maybe 130. I looked for some kind of list that shows HD programs But I can't seem to find one. I like most everything programing wise except I'm not a big sports fan...
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    kuwait 2 and 3 gone?

    I can get kuwait 1 on G19 but haven't been able to get 2 or 3 for several weeks. Are they gone or did they move?
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    Can't find TRWAM (polish language). Was on AMC-4. Where did it go?

    I am trying to find TRWAM the polish language station that was on AMC-4 TP 12120. I did a blind scan this morning and it did not show up. Is it still there and if not does anyone know where it went?
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    New type of satellite meter on Ebay. Has anyone tried it?

    I was looking for a new satellite meter for doing installs. I saw this on Ebay. 3.5" LCD Handheld Satellite SAT Finder Signal Meter TV - eBay (item 130426287605 end time Sep-28-10 20:46:41 PDT) Has any one tried this out? It seems to combine a receiver and small lcd tv in a handheld...
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    True south motor question

    Do I point my motor/ dish assy. to true south by compass and then use the receiver to direct the motor to move to the nearest satellite to direct south and peak from there. Or do I leave the motor set to zero and move the whole assy. to the satellite nearest to true south and peak by then moving...
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    Installed dish motor. Can get everything but RTN

    I just installed a motor on my dish and it seems to track the entire arc with signal quality about the same on every satellite. But for some reason I can't get RTN. About everything else I have tried to scan on every other satellite has worked. Any ideas? I thought I had come up with a great...
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    fortec lifetime classic NA remote problems/Failures

    I install FTA for people to watch 3ABN. I had a call today from two people that their remote had quit working. My remote quit working on my personal Lifetime NA about 3 months ago. Does anyone have any experience with this happening to them? Is there some problem with the remotes? I thought...
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    Where to move my fixed C band dish

    I have a fixed C-band dish that is going unused. It was last pointed to the PBS channels. I like stations such as RTN which I will be tring to get with my Primestar dish tonight. Does anyone have sugestions of a good satelite to move my c-band dish to. The BUD has both a C and KU lnb. I...
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    4 dishes and 2 receivers what switch?

    I watch 4 satellites all with fixed dishes. One dish (AMC4 22khz on and Galaxy 25 22khz off ) has 2 lnbs with a 22khz switch. The other 2 dishes have their own coax. If I want to add a second receiver what switch do I need? Or if that is not possible to watch all 4 on the second receiver. I...
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    Fotrec Mercuary II signal meter problem

    I just got a mercuary II that I was using to install a 90cm fortec dish. I tried for an hour to aim the dish. Then got out my Fortec NA, conecterd it to the dish and the satellite I was searching for poped up on the screen! The dish was allready pointed at the corect satellite and the Mercuary...
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    Spirit Music Videos on FTA?

    Is Spirit Music, the one that was on Skyangel, still on c-band on AMC3 TP 3824? I see it listed on langsat but not on "The List"
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    Retrojams audio problem G10R

    I have a Fortec NA receiver with an external AC3 decoder that works fine on all the PBS AC3 audios. On retrojams I get no audio. I looked at the aPID and it is something in the 43,000 range. Others on the forum seem to say the aPID should be 102. I tried and tried last night to figure out...
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    Adding duel LNBF to single dish. Standard or Universal?

    I was looking at the Glorystar website for prices to add a duel LNBF holder to someones existing dish. I see that standard LNBFs are $20 each and Universal LNBFs are $10 each. Could 2 Universal LNBFs be used to save $20? I think Universal LNBFs have a built in switch but I can't remember if it...
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    Aiming old Dish receiver to 61.5 for 3ABN PI only

    I have a friend who ended their service with Dish Network and went with Direct TV. The Dish equipment is theirs. They want to aim the dish (dish 500 I think ) to 61.5 to get 3ABN as a PI channel. What are the steps to aim a duel satellite dish to a single satellite? Should I disconnect...
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    P.I.s deactivated along with Sky Angel 3ABN remains

    I got deactivated by Sky Angel. The next day the public interest channels disappeared but I am still receiveing 3ABN. The only thing I am getting is 3ABN, and the screen that says you are pointed at 61.5, and the Dish info channel. Do you think 3ABN is a free channel that anyone with a...
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    Captiveworks CW-500S 33 inch dish for G10.

    My brother is looking for a fixed system to watch G10R. Is anyone watching G10R with a fixed 33 inch dish? What do people think of the Captiveworks receiver. This system is $130 shipped on E-bay. We have been looking for a free Primestar dish for him. I have had good luck with my...
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    Create on AMC3?

    I see create listed on AMC3 but when I scan it does not show up. Is anyone else getting it?
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    Discovered why my Primestar has bad rain fade!

    I noticed my Primestar on G10 had very bad rainfade and it took at least a day of clear skys for the signal to come back. Yesterday i went out and looked into the "eye" of the Primestar LNB and saw a little puddle of water in there. I guess because of the low point angle of G10 when it rains...
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    Does Primestar dish have more rain fade?

    I have a primestar dish aimed at G10 and when it rains I get no signal. On clear day my Fortec meter reads 60- 70. I have a BUD pointed at AMC3 and a 1 meter at AMC4. Neither is so subject to rain fade. Maybe water is getting in the texture surface of the of the Primestar and blocking the...
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    6 foot dish with offset 1 meter dish type lnb

    Fixed 6 foot dish with offset 1 meter dish type lnb? I was thinking about adding a Offset LNBF to my 6 foot dish. This would be in addition to the original lnb that came with the big dish. The reason I thought of this is it seem with the longer focal length of the big dish that it might be...