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    LOOKING FOR 12' or larger MESH DISH

    re: Satellite Guys in S Florida I placed an order with them. They immediately charged my card then offered multiple excuses over the next two weeks as to why it was taking so long to ship my dish. Finally, I had to have Bank of America get my money back. Dale W4OP
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    10ft. Mesh ChannelMaster

    What is the F/D of the Channel Master dish? Tnx, Dale
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    LOOKING FOR 12' or larger MESH DISH

    I won't be using their mount- in fact I ordered just the surface. I have a large polar mount with a 40" ring. This is not for TVRO, but 23cM moonbounce. Tnx, Dale
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    LOOKING FOR 12' or larger MESH DISH

    A heavy snow storm crashed my dish. Does anyone know of any US suppliers of 12' or larger surfaces? I have one on order from TEK2000, but not sure they will ever get stock. Their date to have surfaces in stock has slipped 2 months now. Thanks, Dale
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    Looking for a 12' Dish

    I am looking for a 12' surface with a high F/D. - somewhere close to western North Carolina. My use is 1296MHz EME (moonbounce). Thanks, Dale