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    DMA 153 Rochester/Austin MN

    Hopefully I will be making the switch to Directv from Dish this week, if the install goes well. Iknow HD locals were very close in my area thru Dish. Just wondering what the status is with Directv? Where can I look to find this info?
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    Question about switching to Directv

    So currently I am a Dish Network customer. I have a VIP 722 receiver. I had one HD set and one standard set, but the standard set bit the dust last week. Enter the second HD TV. Dish is going to charge me $200 for a second HD DVR plus $7 more a month for HD service to the second set. I...
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    2 HD Sets

    So my old SD set bit the dust this week. Had to get a 42" HD set to replace it. Poor me. I currently have the Vip 722k. What are my best options for getting a second HD feed into my house? I'm sure I will need a separate HD receiver for my second set. Can I get one cheap anywhere so I don't...