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    Tuning Adapter

    I have a Tivo Bolt and I got the cable card and tuning adapter. Cable card is paired and everything is up properly EXCEPT the tuning adapter. I have been on the phone off and on for quite a while with Charter about it. I kept losing the call. At one point I had it hooked up and ran the test...
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    TiVO Bolt

    I just ordered a TiVo Bolt. I hope it will not be a huge pain in the you know what to get it hooked up. I have Charter in S.C. I hate their DVR box and decided to go TiVo route. IS set up difficult. Will I get the run around from cable company to get the Cable Card? Will I need anything in...
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    what indoor satellite do you recommend

    I live in an apartment on the bottom floor and would like an indoor HD antenna. My zip is 29615. Any recommendations?
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    Does anyone know if Uverse will be getting new channels soon? I really would like the El Rey Network. The att website shows nothing about channels being added or anything like that. Directv would post theres.
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    Ok I am trying to get U-verse TV in my apartment and they will not let me. They say service is already at my address. They suggested that my landlord call previous tenant and get them to cancel. So someone left my apartment and never cancelled the service and now it is affected me! UGH!!!
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    I have charter now and do not like it. I am switching to U-verse as I live in an apartment and cannot get Directv. I know Me-TV is available in some markets but not mine. Are there any other channels that play Batman (Adam West)?
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    Quad TV

    So Quad TV is supposed to launch soon. It is the channels that will be decade specific. One channel devoted to a certain decade making a total of 4 channels. I was wondering if Directv will pick this up. The channels are supposed to be HD.
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    moving question

    If I move and keep Directv, will I keep my Genie and the shows and all that is set up on it? Or do they give you a new Genie along with satellite dish?
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    Please new channels

    With us losing INSP and Weather Channel, I hope we get new channels soon. I know supposedly 4 retro channels are supposed to come in Spring but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything.
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    Channels coming?

    Does anyone know of any new channels coming to Directv soon?