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    DISH Contract Expiring

    With all the problems I have read on this site...I am not sure why you want the hopper/Joey?
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    Tip the Installer?

    No expectations, but if he/she does some custom work and/or a great job it would be nice! Up to you.
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    Dish Class Action Law Suit?

    Thanks for the great article...does a good job of explaining the options for them.
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    Dish Class Action Law Suit?

    My in-laws received a post card from "Dish Settlement Claims Adjustment" about joining a class action law suit. Parker vs. Dish Network. Anyone know about this or if it is legit?
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    Where can I find a good installer?

    There really is no standard cost for wall fishes and attic crawls. I agree with Laddy, find a local retailer, they will be able to give you a quote.
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    Dish's New Internet Offering

    I thought Dish bought HughesNet? Why wouldn't they use Hughes to launch new bundles? Not enough bandwith?
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    Installer coming out on Monday. what should i be checking for?

    You seem to already be a good customer checking out this site for advise. Welcome aboard!
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    dish receiver doesnt connect to satellites

    what are the results of the check switch? Do you get green in each box?
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    Having Trouble Signing Up For Free HD

    Yes, I thought that I had seen where existing customers could signup for free hd for life, but I can't seem to find it? I am sure that DIRT will handle the issue!
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    Having Trouble Signing Up For Free HD

    I just upgraded my account to a 722 w/ HD programing and was told I could sign up for "Free HD For Life" online, but I can't find this anywhere? Does anyone know exactly where? Thanks
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    Installer here now - 1000.2 vs 1000.4

    I have had both and actually have had better luck with the 1000.2
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    Good uses for old dishes.

    How about sledding?
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    Blue Sky Satellite Installers for Dish Network - Watch out!!

    The installer should have explained that what was being asked could not be done and worked with you to come up with an alternative plan. That being said, with your experience (and you should have known that your wishes are not included in the "free" install) why didn't you do the cable run...
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    Cannot watch certain channels

    Sorry...not a dish 500, but a 1000.2
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    Cannot watch certain channels

    I just had a customer call today with this exact issue, she has a dish 500 with pro plus lnb and a 222k. I have not been out their to check things out yet; thought I would do a search here for a known problem.
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    1000.4 Help

    That did it...I double checked the manual the dish came with and it has a skew of 65...must be a misprint in their book...thanks for the help!!
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    1000.4 Help

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    1000.4 Help

    Ok...I got 119 into box 1, has a signal level of about 74, but xx in the last two boxes. I mounted the dish in the same spot that I had my 1000.2.
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    1000.4 Help

    No switches...skew at 65 and elevation at 29