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    What went wrong with Orby, news story

    Says they only needed 100,000 subscribers, how many did they have at end?
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    Kiwisat, possible replacement for Orby for southern states.

    They have Fox news is what kept me from trying Orby, don't see Boomerang though.
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    Hallmark and Hallmark movies and mysteries

    Woman like those, hopefully will get them a lot more subscribers.
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    DVR on sale for $99 at Best Buy

    Are you ready to start saving on your monthly TV bill with Orby TV, but waiting for just the right time to switch? The time is NOW! Orby TV receivers are 50% off TODAY ONLY. That’s a savings of $50/each off the regular $100 price! We’ll even throw in FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. Call us at...
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    DVR on sale for $99 at Best Buy

    And you have to have installed by them, I don't remember seeing that for the DVR.
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    DVR on sale for $99 at Best Buy

    $50 for receiver's now, next time they put the DVR up I will get one.
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    Which dish for self install?

    Was this snow or rain? I'm in central FL was concerned about heavy rain.
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    Orby billing trouble

    I certainty hope they fixed it by now.
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    Orby billing trouble

    Have you tried unplugging to reboot?
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    @Orby corp: Cheap channels like Buzzr, France 24, & NHK World

    The OP said good luck getting Buzzr in rural small market, I had just got back from visit there, they have Buzzr and all the other subs.
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    @Orby corp: Cheap channels like Buzzr, France 24, & NHK World

    I would assume CNN pays them to carry their channels like they do at airports etc.
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    @Orby corp: Cheap channels like Buzzr, France 24, & NHK World

    Apparently you have to live in big cities like Opp Alabama to get OTA subs.
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    @Orby corp: Cheap channels like Buzzr, France 24, & NHK World

    Buzzr is OTA sub go to their site to see if in your area, I love Match Game too. GSN Game Show Network is the cable/sat version.
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    Orby Ota Guide request

    the second set is probably a repeater broadcasting from different tower on different frequency to serve a different area than you. Some stations around me have 3 of them.
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    Thanks for post, found out is in my cable lineup (Spectrum FL) on 1217 did not know it.
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    Orby TV created to help Dish Network and DirecTV merger?

    Ironic if they did merge in this case would be better for consumer (the ones law is supposed to protect) one company with more potential customers for third party (content providers) to negotiate, and they can't pit one against the other with you will never get such and such channel with them...
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    Try for $40 start

    Now you can try it out for a month, start with $40. -----------For a limited time, you can buy the Orby TV System and try it for 30 days, 100% risk-free! PLUS, we’ve made it easy for you to get started today for as little as $39. We partnered with Klarna to offer you flexible, affordable...
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    Ground Strap

    The power meter ground is about 50 foot away, I was going to go to 8' rod by mast and separate 50' line from rod to meter, is this OK?