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  1. gvsurn

    Cinemax for 1 year for .01 w/ autopay/paperless billing

    got it myself, on the phone for less than 10 minutes. EXCELLENT!!!!
  2. gvsurn

    AV receiver question???

    you have a satellite box that is hdmi and a dvd player that is component video and they are both run to a AV receiver. my question is do you have to run component and hdmi to your tv or can you run only hdmi for both the satellite box and dvd???
  3. gvsurn

    Need Some Help!!!

    Yeah I Have Had The Antenna For 2 Years And I Live About 12 Miles From All Of The Towers. Have Not Had A Problem Until I Hooked Up The Second 411
  4. gvsurn

    Need Some Help!!!

    No Amp And It Is A Special Local Antenna (3 Elements)
  5. gvsurn

    Need Some Help!!!

    Ok I Have A Rooftop Antenna That Leads To An 8 Output Panel For Ota. I Have 2 411's Running Off Of That. I Just Activated The Second 411. All Ota Channels Are At 95/100 For Signal Strength Except For Nbc On One Of The 411's. That Channel Goes In And Out. I Get The Ota Signal Has Been Lost...
  6. gvsurn

    No extra innings,how about hd-rsn's

    AMEN to that, FSN DET is almost unwatchable too!!! :( :( :(
  7. gvsurn

    what is up with the program guide?

  8. gvsurn

    what is up with the program guide?

    was there an update??? All HD channels are listed twice ie, espn has 140, 140 with a little HD symbol next to it and 9424 with a little HD symbol next to it.
  9. gvsurn

    Anyone else have audio ESPN2 problems?

    same issues here. they also seem to be getting worse!!
  10. gvsurn

    Michael Irvin gains Canton entry

    Art Monk needs to be in!!!
  11. gvsurn

    Enter HERE to win a $200 DishStore.NET Gift Certificate! is the BEST.... HUGE selection...LOW prices...FAST shipping!!!
  12. gvsurn

    what are these "TEMP HOME OF NBC" etc.

    Thanx BFG!!! :)
  13. gvsurn

    what are these "TEMP HOME OF NBC" etc.

    i get these channels in the 9800's. are they testing for HD locals. temp home of NBC in Grand Rapids 9826 temp home of CBS in Grand Rapids 9825
  14. gvsurn

    upgraded to 411 and NO commitment!!!

    did not sign one piece of paper. believe me... i thought it was very strange also
  15. gvsurn

    upgraded to 411 and NO commitment!!!

    when i was having my 411 activated the installer was on the phone with the CSR, the CSR told him there was no commitment because i owned my 811. the installer was told that i did not have to sign any contract... for what that is worth. so i never signed a thing and everything is up and runnng!!!!
  16. gvsurn

    upgraded to 411 and NO commitment!!!

    i upgraded today from an 811 that i owned to a 411 and dish 1000. csr and installer told me i could send any receiver back, 811 or 301, for a 25.00 credit, or i could keep all of them. I was not required to commit to 18 months. has this happened to anyone else????
  17. gvsurn

    Upgraded to Vip211...can i send back a 301???

    the CSR that i talked to said it does not matter which receiver i send back to E*. is this true or will i have charges months from now if i send them a 301 and not my 811???? thanx in advance
  18. gvsurn

    how many lines coming off of a dish1000?

    i currently have a dish 500 with the quad lnb. does the 1000 have 4 lines coming off of it???? thanx in advance
  19. gvsurn

    Sound dropout on the 811

    yeah i called also, they told me "they are working on a solution". we will see if anything gets resolved????
  20. gvsurn

    Anyone else have NFL network on channel 154?

    got it, 154 and 9464 on my 811.....THANK GOD!!!!!