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  1. DapOrp

    HD-4DTV ?

    Is there a real consumer grade HD 4DTV capable receiver out there? or something else that can become a HD receiver? And what's with all these DVB main uplinks now? Does anyone sell programming for those to consumers?
  2. DapOrp

    What dish is this? (Primestar)

    K, I've read numerous posts here and there seems to be some references to a primestar 82E dish and a 9-something dish? How do I know what one I have? I can tell you this about it, It's old. It's huge. (says 1 meter on the back) and it's more of the straight up and down egg shape than...
  3. DapOrp

    Microyal H2H motor problem

    Hello again, I'm having an issue with my Microyal H2H motor. I've had it up and running for quite some time but then yesterday I tried to go to a channel on a satellite east of where it was sitting and it would not move to it. I tried another channel on a satellite west of where it was...
  4. DapOrp

    DVB Diseqc in Linux

    I have searched and searched but have not been able to locate any type of program for linux that has commands or options to drive a diseqc 1.2 motor manually. They all want to do USALS or use existing saved diseqc 1.2 positions. Using the stored positions is not a problem but what I want/need...
  5. DapOrp

    Standalone Mpeg-2 hardware decoder?

    Is there a Mpeg-2 decoder card you could put in a lower end PC to assist the mpeg-2 decoding of a budget card? Yes I know I could've just bought a more high end DVB card in the first place, but who thinks that far ahead? ;)
  6. DapOrp

    My First MicroBUD

    Ok, I just got my first C-Band LNBF, it's a ACS421. My question is, do I have to use this Scalar ring? What on earth does it even do? Also when it came it had this plastic thing on the end of the feedhorn with some rectangular slots cut into it going around the edges, I can take it off...
  7. DapOrp

    I hope this isn't against the rules...

    I hope this doesn't fall into the category of "feeds" but I was curious if anyone's aware of any radio stations that are sent up in the clear that carry "loveline" ? my local station here sucks and puts it on a day delay which drives me nuts. Anyone have any insight on that? thanks. :)
  8. DapOrp

    C-Band with Primestar

    Anyone have any advice on a particular C-Band LNBF to use with a primestar 1 meter dish to attempt C-Band signal reception?
  9. DapOrp

    What is this LOFSW Setting?

    Stupid question I'm sure, but I can't seem to find a real answer. In The RitzDVB program as well as other programs i've tried with my Twinhan 102g card, I see this LOFSW setting. I know what the LOF1 and 2 settings are for my LNBF, but what is this LOFSW and what does it do? I have an...
  10. DapOrp

    Adding a Motor To A Setup

    (Newbie Alert) I want to add a motor to my setup, but I'm confused about one thing. All these images of motors for Ku-band style dishes appear as if they have a stationary elevation setting and just compensate by the fact the dish skews sideways and ends up lower for the rest of the...
  11. DapOrp

    is this Retro Jams channel even legal?

    I've been noticing after sadly watching this Retro Jams channel that's taken over The Tube's former spot on G10R, that some of these videos they play do not look like they were taken from a legit source. Several of the videos I've seen are of sub-standard quality and have clear indications...
  12. DapOrp

    EPG From Internet?

    Anyone know of a good program to use with a Twinhan 102g that either has the ability, or a plugin to obtain EPG info for the channels I have stored from some internet service like TitanTV?
  13. DapOrp

    Best program to use with a Meedio HTPC Front End

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good (the best?) DVB tuner program to use with Meedio and a Twinhan 102g card ? I currently have it setup to use RitzDVB a long with it, but Ritz mostly has to be setup and configured using a keyboard and mouse. I'm wondering if there's a program out there...
  14. DapOrp

    Galaxy 10R Problems

    I'm having some issues with some of the channels I've locked onto from Galaxy 10R. Specifically, they are the Pentagon Channel feeds and the KEGS channel. The audio for these is all distorted and sounds like the chipmunks are talking. I've double checked my frequency setting and audio ID with...
  15. DapOrp

    Something Other Than Lyngsat?

    Is there something else for a satellite index other than Lyngsat? perhaps something a little more up to date?
  16. DapOrp

    Adding a motor

    I want to add a motor to my setup, but I'm curious, after I scan a satellite and get all the channels, if I move it to another satellite and get channels from there, if I want to go back to the previous satellite, do I have to re-scan it again? or can I just click on a channel and it will know...
  17. DapOrp

    AMC1 help

    I'm having a very difficult time getting a picture off of anything on AMC 1. I have a Twinhan 102G. I scan the satellite and pick up a few channels, but when I try to tune them, I just get black screens, or a whole lot of popping and random bits of picture from these "DIGITAL SNG"...
  18. DapOrp

    Ku-Band EPG?

    I'm curious, I haven't been able to get an EPG what-so-ever from any of the FTA Ku birds i've locked on to. I can understand a station not offering a complete EPG for everything from now until next week, but I do recall eons ago when my friend had a C-Band setup that it would actually display...
  19. DapOrp

    The Tube

    Ok, I love the tube first of all, it's a great channel, hope it stays in the clear forever. One concern I have, is that the volume is insanely varied from one video to the next, and then when a commercial comes on, holy crap it's loud! Is everyone else getting this too? or is there...
  20. DapOrp

    RitzDVB Question

    I have RitzDVB setup on separate PC tower that outputs directly to my TV. I'm using a Twinhan 102G card in it and I've noticed that whenever I change the channel the video stops and I just get a black screen until I toggle between full screen and windowed views, and then back. Does anyone know...