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    Missing audio: recordings only

    I have audio on the Hallmark channel when it is live, but any recordings of this channel are silent? Recently had DECA installed. Any suggestions? thanks in advance
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 10/23 v.036A

    MRV solution, maybe it could be my imagination, but it seems that when I pause the incoming recording for about a minute, I have no more glitches. I'm using powerline through my Airport Extremes.
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    Wireless Hookup w/Airport Express

    Airport vs Powerline I'm having more success using powerline hard wired to the APExtreme. The Airport network is fine with standard def, but the powerline plays HD without a glitch. Should cost you a bit less to buy the powerline pack than 2 Expresses.
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 9/4 v.0350

    Blue Eye maybe not important, but i can't dim the Blue Eye on my HR 20's went back to NR after death threats for screwing up the US Open playback.
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    CE's for 8/7 & 8/8

    Thank you Thanks for letting me know that it's Friday. I look forward to my weekly reminder that the weekend is here. :rolleyes:
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 7/24 & 7/25 v.x033F

    fine here in the Berkshires haven't had MRV since last weeks CE so there's no problem here.
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release v.0339 7/17 & 7/18

    Mixed signals One HR-20-100 took the download and the other never found it. I'm having MRV trouble and wondering if being on different CE's could be part of the problem.
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    French Open Mix Channel - Problem

    Not having a problem.
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    Referral denied at

    Repeat story/new thread My neighbors used my account number for the refer a friend. It all went well for them, but for me it was a different story. It appears that applying the discount is a "programming" change and as such I lost the grandfathered DVR service in my Premiere package. What a...
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    HR2x / R22 CE Release 3/26 - 3/28 (Special Thursday Night) 0x02ED

    Blank lists History and "To Do" lists are both empty. Programming in the guide indicates that it will record. rbr and we'll see. HR22-100
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    Audio problems on 24! AGAIN

    I think Fox does this intentionally. fox is the only channel that has this problem and it usually occurs on a Monday. Fox sucks thanks for listening
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    APPLY NOW: DirecTV iPhone Field Trial (SIGNUP CLOSED)

    #61 with fingers crossed
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    Check your HD DVR's ToDo list--Forced Software Upgrade to 02CB & 02B0

    I reset and got nothing back. Thursday is a busy DVR day. I seem to have access only to 02AF.
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    Audio problems 24 season premiere

    called Fox 23 in Albany. "We're not having any problems here at the studio and we haven't had any other calls. It must be your satellite provider." i said thank you and resigned myself to a difficult television experience. At 9:45 ish, the problems suddenly disappeared. Oh my. A miracle? I think...
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    Audio problems 24 season premiere

    Albany NY market. Audio out of sync and multiple "Max headroom" moments. Anyone else having this problem? Who's to blame? Fox or D? Any solutions?
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    DirecTV Loyalty Progam

    My gift I've been with D since December 2004. I got 3 PPV movies.
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    If you have a Grandfathered Package....Please Read

    This is for all changes When my "Friend" signed up and used my account number for the discount, D changed my programming and added the DVR charge which had been grandfathered into my Premier package. A very nice CSR fixed it this morning and removed the charge putting me back where I was...
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    hd locals in western MA.

    move? We're out in the Berkshires, which is considered the Albany NY market. Does anyone think a "move" would be a good idea. Now that there are HD locals way out here in the west, we might get our governor talking instead of theirs.
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    The Tony Awards

    As I head off to bed after watching a terribly botched telecast of the Tony's I want to once again say. D you suck! These DVR's were garbage when you built them, garbage when you sent them to my house, and will remain garbage until you replace them with something that actually provides the HD...
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    Audio Issues are Worse!!!

    it's still broken and the rep was rude. 20 minutes on the phone to tell me that it was a known issue. I asked what they would do for me and she offered to search for the next time the shows I lost would be shown so i could record them again. I am so impressed with that level of service. Way to...