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    722 Reboots - 4 Times Yesterday

    OK - We've had our 722 for about 6 weeks now. I noticed a couple of reboots the first few weeks - then fairly stable. Yesterday, the box rebooted 4 times (twice while recording a single 90 minute show) - vary annoying. :mad: I've searched the forums - doesn't seem to be a common issue...
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    722 PCM Audio Complete 'Loss'

    OK - got my 722 a few weeks ago. I noticed late last week once that I lost all audio on 'TV1' from all the SD satellite channels. TV2, HD channels and OTA digital channels were OK. Next day - everything was working so let it be. Last night this happened again. Only this time I spend a...
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    Dish 'N it Up Rebate

    Just printed out the form for my rebate for a 722 upgrade in the works (install is scheduled for later today). Looks like this will be a one time credit to my account (from the rebate form) and the CSR that took the work order, said it would be $100. Sure is better then the $10 for 10...
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    Dish Locals vs OTA Locals

    Getting a new Vip722 in a few weeks to replace my 508/6000. Been thinking of dropping locals from Dish with the change given all primary rooms in my house now have ATSC equipment built in. With the 722 - I will be able to record network TV from its ATSC tuner - so locals are no longer...
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    Aug 15th HD Upgrade

    So, . . . Aug 15th is here, and I want my future Deadliest Catch in HD! An upgrade is now mandatory! :) After a 2nd call to Dish (1st resulted in 'can you please hold' every other broken English sentence), . . . this is what I was told via the tech line. BTW - this CSR agent sounded VERY...
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    HDD on Our 508 Finally Dieing

    Looks like the HDD on our 508 is finally dieing after ~ 4years. I can't remember how long, but we bought this just as Dish was adding the DVR fees and we jump at a special 508 price with no-DVR fee grandfather option. Last week we started getting audio drop outs, then video would freeze and...