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    Problem with One of my OTA Channels

    I just hooked up a brand new OTA antenna (Channel Master 2016) in hopes I will finally be able to pull in all of my locals OTA. I hooked it up directly to the TV and all of the channels came in at around 60-70%. I then connected the OTA antenna to my HR20-100, and everything comes in at 60-70%...
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    "Check Multi-Switch" Error on SWM System

    I started service with 2 TVs about 2 months ago, and everything had been fine up until about a week ago, when I noticed one of the TVs would get blocky at times. It seems to have gotten worse.. Now at times it cannot even lock the signal. A couple times, I've seen a message pop up saying my...
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    D* Tech Support: 10 sec guide delay on HR20-700 is normal?

    I called D* tech support today to get help with a problem with my HR20-700 that has been getting progressively worse over the last couple years. I've noticed the time between when I press the "Guide" button (either on the front of my receiver or on the remote) and the time the guide pops up is...
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    Does the RCA DTC210 Still Work?

    I found an RCA DTC210 HD receiver.. Wondering if these are still supported by DirecTV. I heard they do not work with MPEG-4.. Not sure of all HD channels have switched over to MPEG-4 or just the locals. Thanks, Dan
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    HR20/700 Sometimes Refuses to Play

    A couple times in the last week, I've gone to watch a recorded show, and I immediately get the "Do you want to delete" popup. The length of the show is 1 hour, which I expect, and I saw the orange light on during the show, which indicates it was recording. I did a re-boot, and now the show is...
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    H20-600 Died

    My H20-600 has gone into "infinite reboot mode" several times. I would usually just unplug it for a while, then plug it back in and it would boot up normally. The other day when this happened, I plugged it back in and now am not seeing any lights at all. If I look though the top vent I can...
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    Anyone Else Having Problems with Bravo HD?

    This channel has been very choppy lately.. Bravo HD appears to be on the 103 Sat/Transponder 1, and I'm getting a decent reading (~75%). The only other channel I can find on that Transponder is BIOHD, and I don't have that channel in my package, so I can't tell for sure if it is just that...
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    Digital Transition.. Will D* Update OTAs?

    All the stations in my area will be going forward with the digital switch despite the delay. When this happens, they will switch their digital signal to a different channel (For example, 9-1 used to map to channel 52, it will now just be broadcast on channel 9, which is where the analog channel...
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    D* Promo Notification

    Does anyone know of a way to be automatically notified when D* does free promotions (i.e. free HBO over the weekend, etc)? It would be nice to know ahead of time. Thanks, Dan
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    HR20: HDMI not working with no service?

    All, I just moved and am waiting for D* to come and install my dish. I hooked up my HR20-700 to my TV and turned it on and noticed the HDMI output doesen't work (Component out does work). All I see is static on the HDMI output. Is this normal? I figured maybe the HDMI output may not work...
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    Removing an Autorecord

    This may sound like a dumb question, but I have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to remove a saved search/autorecord. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Dan
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    HR20-700 - First Impressions

    I have had the HR20-700 for a week now. Here are my observations with the 0x11b firmware. I'd like to hear if anyone else has had similar problems: - Frequent audio dropouts on playback of recorded content. - After reaching real-time (i.e. after viewing buffered content and fast...
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    Record light turned red?

    I swear yesterday I saw the normally orange record light on the HR20's front panel turn red for a few seconds. What does this mean?
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    Default Record Options

    All, I just got my new HR20-700 yesterday and it has been running great (no crashes). I have also been able to easily share my pictures and mp3's from my Windows box! Does anyone know how to set the default recording options to automatically record all shows 1 minute before and 1 minute...
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    HR20.. Do I HAVE to wait for the Installer?

    I finally got the word from D* that they have a HR20 for me, but the next available slot for an installer to come out is 1/20. I already have the 5LNB dish installed and working with my H20, I just need another line to be routed from the dish so the second tuner will work.. Will D* just send me...
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    PSIP Table Problems in DFW?

    My reciever keeps resetting itself over and over every time I tune to 5-1 or 13-1. Has anyone else experienced this? Is the solution to get the affiliates to update their tables or is D* at fault? I remember reading a similar post regarding FOX in Detroit when the H20s first came out.. Did...
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    Hit By Lightning!

    All, My house was hit by lightning.. My downstairs H20 works fine except the new satellite (the one that has the HD locals) gets no signal. My upstairs H20 doesn't pick up a signal on any satellites. I switched the boxes and the problems did not follow the boxes, so I am suspecting the...