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    Lehigh Valley DTV subs... PBS 39 is back?!?!

    I just turned tv on and was flipping through channels... PBS 39 is back! Does anyone know details? I assume they worked things out somehow? I really thought it was gone for good. I am thrilled and am hoping it is back to stay. Any info appreciated! Cindy
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    MultiSwitch help needed.

    Thanks for replying... That's what I thought. It just didn't make sense when the tech was telling me that it had to go ON the sat dish. She was asking me how accessible the dish was and all. And yes, now I realize I need to run another line into the house from the switch, luckily that won't be...
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    MultiSwitch help needed.

    Hi all... Hubby and I are sitting here and need some info. We picked up an R15 and came to find out our satellite dish is in need of a multiswitch as we have a second receiver. Our first question is what exactly does the multiswitch do? I assume it is like a splitter but smart so to speak...