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    Bad Audio on NATGEO HD and New HMC HD

    I have been having bad audio with NATGEO HD for some time now, but have let it go since it was only one channel. But now, HMC HD was lit up today and it is doing the same thing. Only these two channels exhibit the problem. I have a optical fiber audio cable hooked up from my 622 to my...
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    First "post SCIFI/USA HD available" Complaint Thread?

    Many people got their USA and SCIFI HD. How about folks like me that want old movies? Hey Charlie....where is my MGMHD and AMCHD channels!!!!??????????????????? (just wanted to start a new complain thread, other wise things just wouldn't seem the same around here! ) :p:p:p
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    What do I need to add 61.5

    Hi, I live in Norfolk and want to prepare for HD locals. I currently have a DP1000 with 3 LNBs pointed at 110/119/129. To get LOS to 61.5, I need to install another small dish in different location on my property. I have one HD receiver and one SD receiver. Am assuming I will need one...
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    MGM-HD please

    Just in case E* is listening, If we could only get MGM-HD, I'd be happy. Sports seems to be a priority, but there are movie buffs to please, also! Who cares about USA stretch...