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    Neusat HD 9000

    Does anyone know if Neusat HD 9000 works with Galaxy 19 and blind scan on Galaxy 19... thanks
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    Cannot get one channel

    Does anyone know if on 11935 S 22000 V or H if anyone gets the indian ch. My aunt can access the station but on mine it doesn.t I'm wondering it the Q needs to be stronger.
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    Hi all, I bought a complete system 30 inch dish, Traxis 1500 along with techsat Tracker II (red colore) I'm not able to point to 97West on Galaxy 25. I ordered a Skytracker Pro II to find the satellite I'm wondering if anyone else having the same problem. How good is the tracker II LNB?
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    Traxis 1500

    I just bought a FTA and Traxis DBS1500 but I dont see Galaxy 25 on the satellite names. What satellite should it be? Thanks