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    Missing audio: recordings only

    I have audio on the Hallmark channel when it is live, but any recordings of this channel are silent? Recently had DECA installed. Any suggestions? thanks in advance
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    Audio problems on 24! AGAIN

    I think Fox does this intentionally. fox is the only channel that has this problem and it usually occurs on a Monday. Fox sucks thanks for listening
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    Audio problems 24 season premiere

    Albany NY market. Audio out of sync and multiple "Max headroom" moments. Anyone else having this problem? Who's to blame? Fox or D? Any solutions?
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    The Tony Awards

    As I head off to bed after watching a terribly botched telecast of the Tony's I want to once again say. D you suck! These DVR's were garbage when you built them, garbage when you sent them to my house, and will remain garbage until you replace them with something that actually provides the HD...
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    Who changed the channel(s)?

    And why? Where is this information? I can't find it on their site. Does anyone know what channels were moved, why they were moved, and if we lost any?
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    Audio Stutter

    Please direct me to the correct thread if it is already posted. We are receiving audio stutter on HD channels only. Is anyone else having this problem. I thought it was weather related, but that is apparently not the case as it happens on clear days and nights, also. We have the HD DVR and it...