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    Dish is great - until you have to deal with them

    I've been a relatively happy Dish customer for the past 3+ years. I originally had Voom (my first DBS experience) and got 'moved' to Dish. After a delay and a poor install, I had a 942 and 811 up and running. I've been running pretty good since that day a few years ago. Although I'll never...
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    Forgotten 942 Users?

    I have leased a DVR 942 receiver for over 2 years. I've been subscribed to the $10 HD pack the whole time. I didn't 'upgrade' to the other HD pack because I wasn't interested in the Voom stations (Having coming from Voom to E*). I do watch ESPNHD and the HDNET stations. My understanding...
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    Incorrect Dish HD installs

    My parents (longtime Dish subscribers) recently bought a very nice 60" HDTV. I told them to contact Dish and be upgraded to a 622. The installer came out last week and hooked up a 622. On Saturday I went to check out the new system but found the HD widescreen modes weren't working as I...