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    Receiver not getting locals anymore

    We recently "moved" from our home(billing address) in southern NM(which receive El Paso, TX locals) to Alamagordo, NM(which gets the Albuquerque, NM locals). Everything was working fine on our old Model 2700 receiver until the other day, no locals, which is the only thing we are subscribed. I...
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    Moving from Colorado to New Mexico

    We currently get the Denver locals on our single lnb and our old JVC model 2700 receiver. We only spend 5 months in Colorado and then return home to Las Cruces, NM. When Denver was Conus there was no problem getting the Bronco games. Can I move to some city other than Las Cruces(gets the El...
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    Denver locals on satellite 110

    I have the Denver locals only and have been using them in Colorado and New Mexico with no problems. We recently traveled to Billings, Mt and I received the channels. Now we are in Stanley, Id and the locals do not show up on satellite 110. Dish support said the national ABC CBS, NBC and Fox were...