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    Existing Contract

    I just added a TIVO last November and signed a one year contract. This weekend I just bought a new TV for upstairs. Will I need to wait until November to get another deal, or do I just need to wait until my contract is up and call them back and see what kind of offer they will make to get me...
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    DVR not calling out

    I have a Hughes 35 hour DVR. I got it in November. Last night there was a message that it had not made phone contact in 2 weeks. I disconnected the telephone line and tried it with another phone and there was no problem, so I have already eliminated that as an issue. Do I need to worry about...
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    DSL and TIVO

    Let me see if I understand this. If I get DSL service from the phone company I will have to get a filter for my TIVO to go through? If so, where do I get this filter and how much does it cost?
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    Pixelated picture

    :confused: Since we have gotten our local channels added on the 72.5 satellite, I have noticed that during football games the players seem to be leaving pixel's in their so call wake. What is causing this? I don't notice it on games on ESPN which is from the 101 satellite. Is this an issue with...
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    Recording Question

    If you have a TIVO and set it to tape a live event will it know if the event runs over, or will it just end at the scheduled time?
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    Installation troubles

    Ok this is kind of long, but here it goes. On Tuesday I am at work and find out through the D* site that we now have local channels here. So I call the 800 number and ask about getting the second dish installed and getting a TIVO unit. They tell me that they can have it installed on Wednesday...
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    TIVO Units

    Is there any difference in the TIVO Units? (RCA, Hughes, Samsung) Are they all the same or is one better or perhaps one worse than the others?
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    New Locals

    Has anyone heard if the new local stations are stalled again for all of them or just some of them? Is Chattanooga still scheduled for 10/12? Did anyone get locals on 9/28? Sorry, so many questions in one post.l