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    THE Surfing On Rush HD Is Spectacular!!!!

    I love the surfing program on Rush HD. The PQ is outstanding. If you focus away from the surfer and onto am idle part of the wave you can see the reflections and motions as if you were right on shore.I love this channel. :eek:
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    Perfect Vison has it in for VOOM!!!

    Perfect Vision Bashes Voom :mad: I was in Barnes and Noble tonight and was looking at some Mags. I was reading the May/June issue of Perfect Vision. Towards the front they had some boxes of info on V*. One knocked there programming saying they didn't have all the programming they had said...
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    Voom Reps In Sears

    She was drop dead, but she definitely had the knowledge, to go with it. She was trying to eductae the sales reps also!!! I work for an up and coming retailer in a upper level management position. All I can say is I can feel the tide of VOOM. If you have been around a success story you know...
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    Voom Reps In Sears

    I was in my local Sears hear in Charleston, SC and there was a VOOM Rep, not employed by Sears, but by VOOM, and she was there talking and selling the product to anyone who was looking at the TV's. I spoke with her and she said that it was going to happen in alot of the Sears. She also said...
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    ESPN Official

    Now I can look back on this and smile! :yes :yes I was only off by a week
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    ESPN Official

    Reflection Now we can all look back on this and smile!!!!!!!!!!! :yes :yes I was only off by a week!!!
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    ESPN Official

    I'm a;most tempted tp just keep calling to see what the CSR's say. It's like ...pinch me or something. :yes
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    ESPN Official

    :) :) I spoke to a Supervisor with V* today. He said that they had reached an agreement with ESPN to carry all channels including HD. He said they have passed cards out to the CSR's listing the channels and advising them to inform customers that the channels should be available within the next...
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it????

    Ok...Out of respect I will leave Sean in peace and hope he brings something good to us.
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it????

    You broke my heart Frato.....You broke my heart!
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it???? Sean Mota Until He Gives It Up I Didn't want it to come to this, but you have left me with no choice. Frato......I know it was you!!!
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it????

    No...Insider trading. Sean we won't crucify you!!!!!!! Just give us the details so we can be giddy.
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it????

    If you were a chick....I'd say your being a tease......Now put out!!!
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it????

    I can keep a secret!!!!! :yes
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    Im Officially in DETOX

    First I love Voom. I cancelled E* to get them. I have had D* and E* and now Voom. Because of the wife factor I am not fortunate enough to have 2 services. I find myself in a tough spot now. I am a die hard sports fan, the ESPN staple is my Zoloft. Sportscenter is a nightly ritual for me. I have...
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    South Carolina Voom Roll Call

    Is there anyone out there????
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    DVI Cables???

    When it's free........Don't get to worked up over it.Check out CableGuys.
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    Onkyo 601 Rcvr

    This Reciever is only four months old and in mint condition. This unit retails at $499 and goes on sale periodically for $449. I am selling for $315 + shipping. Check Onkyo's web site for details. PM or reply if interested.Thanks
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    Avsborum...oops...i Mean Forum

    Yes....It does suck ......ours has become the TWC thread.
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    811, 2 301's, 2 quad pros, Dish! Anyone

    Sorry...This has been sold.