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    XBOX 360 Elite Reviews

    Hoping to see some reviews of the XBOX 360 Elite from those who purchased it mainly to experience full 1080p over HDMI. Is there a big performance increase over the standard XBOX 360 when going from 1080i over component to 1080p over HDMI? Thanks!
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    HR20-700S at BestBuy!?!

    Best Buy has the HR20-700S on their website! Of course there's at least one early review that is what we all feared:
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    Does anybody's R15 understand FIRST RUN vs Repeats?

    I have set several Series Links on my R15 and everytime I select FIRST RUN, and everytime it records every episode - even ones with REPEAT very clear in the description. I check the prioritizer and it says "all episodes will be recorded" but back in the Series Link set up it clearly shows...
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    HR10-250 and Off-Air Antenna

    Is it just my HR10-250 is does the off-air antenna input just suck? Just got the new HR10-250 and a new Mitsubishi WD-57731 I'll skip the details of trying this antenna, that antenna, tweaking these settings and location because it doesn't really apply to the bottom line of my...
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    Terrible HD Picture Locally

    Just got the new 5 LNB dish installed to get local HD channels. My local HD channels look real bad, very pixelated - looks like trying to watch video on PC via dial up connection at times. My phone gets better looking video. Same problem at times on TNT HD. What is going on? Am I not...
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    H10 Guide - My Custom Dissappears

    Sorry - the subject is wrong, this is on my R15 Every so often when I go to push the Guide button - TWICE (don't get me started on that BS) my Custom Channel preferences as the top choice is gone. I just have the ALL CHANNNELS on top, then all the DTV groupings, but my customs I set up are...
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    Where are my Local HD in my Guide?

    Just had the AT-9 five LNB dish installed yesterday. My main locals are 4, 5, 9, 41, in my guide selection I have multiple options of them all (as well as my 4-1, 5-1, 9-1 for my OTA) but when I put them in my guide the one idicating HD shows comes up as Channel Not Available....? I am using...
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    Moment of Silence on DTV

    A problem experienced in the past is back for me watching recorded programs on TIVO. Several months, if not years by now the issue was always on the same network, and in fact the same show so I figured it was either a network or show related issue more than anything and it eventually just went...
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    Dual Tivo's Same Remote Conflicts?

    A while back I got two of the 250GB Samsung Tivos for my DTV, thought I'd put them both on the same TV - until everything I did with one remote was happening to the other one.....not good. So I put one of the Samsungs upstairs and paired the other Samsung with the Sony. Now a few years later...
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    5 LNB Dish Deal in KC

    I sent an e-mail to DTV via their web page, just to the general contact us via e-mail form. I expressed my concerns that after being a long time DTV customer although I was excited about local HD channels in my market I was very unhappy I was facing yet another purchase (the new 5 LNB dish). I...
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    AT9 Install with Current 3LNB Setup

    I currently have a 3LNB dish installed. I have a Zinwell 4x8 multiswitch with the cables coming directly from the LNBs on my dish into the multiswitch. When moving to the new AT9 dish will I need any additional cable runs from the dish into the house and/or a new multiswitch? Thanks in...