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    Adjusting your HD picture quality

    I'm trying to improve quality of my HD picture. I got 56' JVC AV-56WP74 Projection set and using DVI connection. It seems to me that my HD channels are not as good as when I had HD channels from cable. It looks like colors are slightly separated. It is more visible when there are small...
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    Local channels from satellite?

    In many areas there are no local chanells available OTA. I'm currently unable to see any OTA channels in Concord/ East Bay/San Francisco Bay Area. Would you like to local channels brodcast from satellite when VOOM has enough available bandwich?
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    How big is OTA antenna ?

    Can anyone please describe VOOM OTA antenna, or even better post it's picture here? The reason for my question is that I have a 2-story townhome and I obtained permission from the homeowners association for 18-inch VOOM dish. At the homeowners association meeting I did not mention the OTA...
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    San Francisco - East Bay Hills OTA HD Reception

    I would like to hear from VOOM users in Concord, Clayton, Walnut Creek,Pittsburg, Antioch, Martinez and surrounding areas. Can you get local channels using VOOM OTA antenna? I'm about 3 miles away from Mt. Diablo - there is whole bunch of different antennas there, I'm wondering if any of those...
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    International channels on VOOM

    I would like to know if VOOM has plans to add international channels as a premium service. I'm particularly interested in Russian channel - I'm switching to VOOM, but will have to keep Dish Network also, as my wife watching Russian channel NTVA on that all the time and we are paying $20 per...
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    Sharing VOOM channels with SD TVs

    I'm getting new VOOM install next Tuesday for 1 HD receiver. In addition to my HDTV set in the living room I have two SD sets in the bedrooms. I have existing cable wiring in the house that I will no longer use as I will cancel my cable after I get successful installation of VOOM. My goal is...