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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    I would like the Bluefield, WV DMA to add the local CW channel
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    Interesting SatelliteGuys Facts...

    Any rumors about the CW channel being added for the Bluefield, Beckley, and Oak Hill, WV
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    Equipment Return - shipping label - my dime?

    Hey DN where is the CW channel for Bluefield, WV I see everyone else has there's. I guess we will have to wait another 10 yrs like we did for our locals. Consdering going back to cable so I can this channel. All you have to do is contact WVVA because this channel is carried by them.
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    Is the sling rebate offer still good?

    I am very mad at DN becuase I just had dish installed and I called and asked specifically if I had to buy the sling adapter from DN to qualify for the rebate and the answer was no so I ordered it fom an authroized dealer which was Solid Signal and so I called on 7-23-2011 and was switched to to...
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    Some channels MOVING on July 27th

    Anyone know why WOAY in the Bluefield, WV DMA has been off air?
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    Local ABC Channel

    DN has ignored numerous calls as to why they have'nt launched my local ABC which is WOAYTV 50 in the Beckley-Bluefield- Oak Hill DMA. All is about money because the last call to ABC it is about one penny as to why they won't launch. Charlie can stick his system and programing where the sun...
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    New install Sunday..

    My Directv was installed today. Was with Dish for 3yrs and what a difference in picture quality and now I have all of my locals. Got HR24-100
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    Goodbye DISH.....Hello DirecTV.....

    Same here ! Goodbye Dish. Tired of losing channels and not getting any e-mails answered and being lied to about getting my local ABC. Had to wait 12yrs for what we have now. Sure will be nice to watch my ABC with Directv. So everyone in the Beckley/Bluefield WV Dma looks like you are going to...
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    Thinking bout going to direct. Need help w/ Spotbeams. Thanks

    I left DN today for good and went back to cable with 10meg internet and phone and plenty of HD and yes I have FX and all the channels Dish has lost. Best price for all was $113.00
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    6/30/2010 3:25pm - Uplink Activity Report - 46 changes

    No ABC for Bluefield--Beckley-Oak Hill DMA
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    Effective June 3, 2010, DISH Network will change pricing on select services.

    My opinon on the price increase is that the customers of DN are now going to start paying for all expenes of the Tivo lawsuit. Charlie does'nt have the guts to tell his customers the raise is for the money to pay Tivo and his big shot lawyers because he knows that alot of his customers will...
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    who do I send Dish complaint to?

    Good luck on getting an answer from echostar ceo because I have sent numerous ones and like always no one ever replies and you should just talk to your wife or someone else and that way you will at least get an answer. Dish cares less about it's customers just so they get there money and the...
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    New Direct TV & Tivo DVR Delayed Again

    Website for Ulito
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    New Direct TV & Tivo DVR Delayed Again

    Maybe Directv and Dish customers take a look at this product. Ultio Pro HD 1080p Media Center & PVR w/ 2TB SATA HDD
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    Programming on new HD channels

    What about local channels for Bluefield/Beckley WV
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    Paducah, KY HD locals

    The DMA for Bluefield, WV has been waiting for over 11 years now for locals and DN keeps saying sorry maybe we will get them soon. Like hell we will because DN is to busy launching alot of sports HD and all those other crappy channels. We have been waiting over 11 years now and none of the...
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    DN never launches HD when they say they are. The Bluefield, WV locals were supposed to launch on 12-09-09 but there logo is the same ( NEVER) and I am very ticked off at this company. When 04-05-10 rolls around my committment will be up and I hope all customers of Dish in the Bluefield, WV...
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    11/4/2009 5:30pm - Uplink Activity Report - 10 changes

    Yes the Fox is from WVNS and it is in HD because Suddenlink carries it also in HD. I am in Greenbrier County.
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    Rumor Alert - Dish to offer all locals!

    I don't believe a damn thing Dish says because I have been told by all csr's that Bluefield-Beckley would launch 2 weeks ago and by the top notch executives in Colo. they don't know that it is daylight much less anything else. Dish is more invovled in getting programming in China and India and...
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    10/14/2009 2:05pm - Uplink Activity Report - 73 changes

    Dish can't add locals to Bluefield-Beckley DMA but they sure can add porno. What a damn disgrace to people in WV.