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    club dish

    is there any rule for posting club dish cert #s in this forum? Thx
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    IR 5.3 and UHF 6.x remote for VIP -622 / IR remote is messed up

    I have a question: I currently have a 5.3 IR remote for TV1 and a 6.3 UHF remote for TV 2. Lately, the 5.3 IR remote for TV1 has been acting up (I have to go right up to the receiver to get it to flip channels). After about 20 mins of turning on the receiver, the IR 5.3 remote starts...
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    Is my dish pointed ok? See strength inside

    T 21 on 110 comes in at 45 T19 on 119 comes in at 70 T17 on 129 comes in at 28 Is this good? Or can it get better? I'm in the SE USA. Using Dish 1000.2 w/ 622
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    Outdoor OTA antenna INSIDE the house

    After struggling with the VIP 622 and the OTA tuner, I just realized that I get a crystal clear signal from INSIDE my house with the OTA outdoor antenna. The problem is, it's sitting in my living room. :eek: Maybe a dumb question, but is there any problems (health or otherwise) with having...
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    If i have a PVR without DVR fees, can I sell it to someone else?

    I own a grandfathered PVR-FEE Free receiver which I want to sell. Can I sell it and will the new owner be able to activate? Or will the Tivo Inj. prevent that?