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    DVB-S2 for Mac - finally?

    So I see that Elgato's EyeTV software for the Mac now supports the FireDTV line... Update EyeTV 3 ...and I look at the FireDTV vendor's web site, and see this... digital everywhere - FireDTV S2 - digital satellite TV card for desktop, laptop and HTPC Has anyone tried the FireDTV...
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    EchoStar Files Suit Over FTA Boxes

    Excerpt: Full article is here at SkyReport.
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    My ITVN experience

    Today, I canceled my ITVN service after having been a subscriber since the summer. The reasons: - Shortly before I signed up, I called to ask if the news channels then promoted on ITVN's web site as forthcoming actually were forthcoming. I was told that yes, they were, "very soon." It...
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    Almost no signal on G10R - dish size?

    For the past few weeks I've been lucky to get a usable signal from G10R for even a few hours per day. Nothing changed with my setup in some time before then (Winegard DS2076 dish, Fortec Star quad-output LNB, two Coolsat 5000s and one Geosat Pro PVR). A couple of days ago, while I was getting...
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    Signal quality different on two receivers

    Okay, you guys were right... I didn't get another dish but I did get another receiver! I replaced the LNBF that came with the Winegard 2076 with a Fortec Star FSKU4V (thank you, Sadoun). One line still runs to my Coolsat 5000, while another now runs to my Geosatpro DVR1000CI (the other two...
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    Can't do IA5 - what about G10?

    Hello again! I got the Winegard dish recommended by PSB and a Coolsat 5000 to go with it -- but unfortunately, the location of the pole doesn't provide enough clearance for the dish to move to IA5. I've parked it on Echo 9 for now just so it's on something, but if I were to try for G10, what...
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    Replace DirecTV with FTA - how easy?

    (No, this isn't about how to avoid paying my DirecTV bill. Relax. :-) I have a DirecTV (Phase III) dish that is no longer being used because I returned to cable a few months ago. I'm looking into the possibility of switching the dish out for a simple FTA setup pointed at IA5, with no...