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    How many of you are using an LCD?

    I've only used traditional CRT televisions, but am doing some research on LCD's. How many of you out there are currently using them? Do you like them? Had any problems with "dead pixels" or "ghosting". They do(at least some) look pretty bright and sharp. But I don't know if I really care for the...
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    Boy is this a discovery

    I bought a Philips 20 inch flat screen TV today at my local Best Buy store, cuz I've really grown fond of flat screens. I got home and hooked it up and watched a football game and it looked good. Then I watched a TV show that was released on DVD and again it looked good. Then I put in a movie...
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    Anyone else notice this?

    I have just switched from cable to Dish Network. A few nights ago when I was watching General Hospital, in the background behind the characters that were talking I could see blotches of color like squares or pixels or something like that move around and get bigger and then shrink, depending on...