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    New Genie

    Hi guys, I am getting a Genie and two mini's shipped to me. I have DTV already (two HD DVRs and one small receiver) I am replacing everything with the Genie system. Can I replace any of the receivers with the Genie? Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Old Satellite Dish

    I cancelled Dish a while ago and sent in the LNBs from the dish on the house. Now the dish off the house and sitting in my back yard. Dish says they don't want it back, what can I do with it instead of throwing it away? Thanks, Matt
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    HD Format Question

    What do you guys think about setting the television to native format for each channel or leaving the television to one format? Does it affect the television at all? The picture seems to be about the same whether it's 1080i or 720p to me. Not sure which forum to ask this so feel free to move...
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    What's MRV

    This may be a stupid question, but what's MRV? I saw it in someone's post and I just ordered a HD-DVR and on the invoice it says MRV.
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    Switch to DIRECTV

    I have had DISH for the past 5 years and am thinking of switching to DIRECTV. I originally signed up for DIRECTV 5 years ago but the installer said he couldn't get a clear LOS. I called DISH and two days later the installer for DISH set me up. The thing is that the installer said he does DIRECTV...
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    Travel to Memphis

    My family and I are going to Memphis for Easter break. My wife and I went a few years ago for my brother's birthday, he is a huge Elvis fan. We are planning on Graceland and the Civil Rights Museum, but if anyone has any other ideas for fun we will listen to them all. My kids are 14 and 13.
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    Best ribs in Memphis

    My family and I are going to Memphis for Easter break. I have been there before and have eaten at the Blues City Diner and BB Kings. If anyone has a suggestion for anywhere else, I am willing to try.