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    HDMI Switch Pink Picture

    I bought a cheap HDMI switch off EBAY. The picture looks fine with my Blue Ray selected but when I select my H23 DVR the picture is pink and no sound. What kind of HDMI switch works with Directv?
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    Need Advice-New Construction Home Directv Wiring

    My new home is framed. How should I have it wired for Directv. Two RG6 cables to each room that might someday have a TV? Phone lines no longer required? Coax to home computer? Any advice appreciated.
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    5 lnb Install

    Hello everyone and thanks for this forum.The installer is coming 5-11-07 to replace my 3 lnb dish. My zip is 30215. I have a narrow clear view of the southern sky thru some trees. The 3 lnb works great. How much different is the 5 lnb azimuth? My friend tried to upgrade and they said his trees...