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    Dish alignment

    I look on this forum all the time but have not really posted before. I have a dish that is mounted on a pole next to the house. No line of sight issues at all. The signal readings keep getting lower and lower. I am wanting to get the dish realigned but I am not handy enough to do it. If I...
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    NFL Red Zone Channel

    Hi I am a newbie here with D* TV. I have read that some people are able to get the stand alone Red Zone channel. I cannot afford to get the Sunday Ticket but would be willing to spend a little to get the Red Zone ticket. When I called today about adding it I was told that it is not a stand...
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    Whole Home DVR (MRV) Wireless Internet

    Had a quick questions concerning the HR24-100. I have the Whole Home DVR (MRV) in my house. I did not sign up for the internet connection when I ordered because I did not think that I could use it. Now I am second guessing myself. How I have everything set up in my house is that I have a...
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    MRV problem

    Hi all. I am a newbie to these forums and I just had D* installed last week. So far I love it and it put cable to shame. The one problem that I have right now is that I cannot watch anything that I record on my "other" tv. I have a HR24-100 and a H24. On the TV that has the H24 when...