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    Voom: Hd "OTA" Vs " Hd Content:" OPION

    Every one should ask 1 question it seems to me:, Why would I move to VOOM, : IF YOU CAN ANSWER 3 OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AS YES: AND YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE: 1. We've read many post's regarding SD content they don't have? 2. We"ve read many post's of what Echostar and DTV has? 3. We've...
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    Not inservice: or What?

    Just called Voom to upgrade to va va voom, and no one is home> any other's have this issue. ? just checking my phone may not be working correctly. or is this the END of an Excellent SERVICE. There I go again, typed before I thought:, it was my Phone. Sorry Voomers, but I had a blood rush.