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    Is the CE download for the H-21and 23 the same as the beta download DTV has been updating recievers with? I was thinking about forcing a download for my H-23 but want to be sure its the same as the BETA one out there.
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    HR22 skip

    Can the new HR22 be progammed to do the 30 sec skip or slip like the HR21?
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    VOD question

    I currently have all the premium movie channels for free for three months and was wondering when I drop them will I still be able to download shows from those channels in my VOD? Or will I only be offered shows that are on the channels I get?
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    CE schedule

    Do the new CE's come out every friday and saturday? If not any idea when the next one will be?
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    522 problem

    Got home tonite and could'nt get my locals, had most of the other channels. Did a quick check switch and the 522 sat. tuner one had my 3 sats 110,119.129 but sat. tuner 2 only showed 110. Went to my 211 and 311 and did check switch and everything was fine with them. I have a DPP44 switch feeding...
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    61.5 signal

    I currently have a dish 500 aimed at 129 for my HD and Chicago locals and I'm going to have to move it and reaim it. I live in SW Wisconsin and was wondering if any around here or in chicago is aimed at the 61.5 sat and what kinda of signal strenght are they getting and will I still be able to...
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    Duplicate channels

    How to do I get rid of the duplicate channels in my Favorites for HD? It shows the 6000 HD lineup and also the same ones in the lower numbers that are also HD. I've had this problem for awhile since that last update and now its really getting annoying.
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    "Move address"

    When you make the so called" move" to another town do you have to give the CSR a real address in the new city?
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    Chicago HD locals

    Whats the quality of the locals in HD in Chicago. I hear someone brag about the KC locals being so good is anyone having problems with the signal in Chicago?
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    I have been noticing some pixelation and signal interference lately and was wondering if any one else has seen the same problem? Its been going on for about a month, my Dish 500 signal levels for 110/119 have been 95 t0 100 when this happens.
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    Local stations in HD

    Any news when we might get our Madison,WI locals in HD?
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    HD signal

    Can I use a Dish 500 to recieve the 129 and 119 signals?
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    Dish 1000 mast

    Is the Dish 1000 mast the same size as the superdish? I'm haveing the 1000 installed and was wondering if they could just swap the dises out and use the same mounting.
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    Dish 500 vs Dish 500+

    I currently have the superdish and the Voom channels. I have a separate Dish 500 pointed at 129 for my HD. I was wondering now that my locals are no longer on 121 and all I need for my top 120 pkg. and locals is to get 110 and 119 would I be better off getting another dish 500 and peak it on...