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    State of 4k programming

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out the state of 4k programming with dish. I was looking at upgrading my original hopper to the Hopper 3 if I can get some 4k programming. I chatted with dish and got no help. Some questions: -Are there any 4K channels broadcast in 4k -If I remember correctly...
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    Hopper 3 / 4K Programming

    Hello all, I have the original hopper and would like to get some 4k programming. I chatted with dish customer service but I'm not sure if I got the correct info from them or not... What 4K programming is currently available, including vod,ppv or channels? I have slow ds (all that is available...
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    New Hopper Install-Desparate help Needed, Please Help

    Have a very strange problem after a new install of 1 hopper and 1 joey. Ugrading from a VIP622. Installing took over 5 hours. Got the Hopper working and went to install the joey and it would not connect. It was giving an error that was stuck on searching for satellite x. He then replaced it with...