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  1. Kandiru

    Finally We Can Get HD Only Again

    I am sure this was discussed, but Dish made 3 HD only packages available, Essential for $10, Ultimate for $20, and DishHD for $29.99. I switched to DishHD, total $35/mo with DVR. My rationale is 110" 2 million pixel HD projection. SD just looks like xxxx on it, even with the Reon VX scaler...
  2. Kandiru

    No reception on 110 Dish 1000 Check Switch OK

    I have this problem, started about two months ago. My 110 channels are not showing, the VIP622 is going through the transponders and can't lock 7, 15 etc. where individual channels are located. When i go to the pointing screen i only get good signal on 110 transpoders 8 and 22. When i do a...
  3. Kandiru

    HDMI 2 Channel PCM Only Time To Grow

    Hi, Just want to let you know that if you just acquired your latest HDMI 1.1 or 1.2 receiver or pre/pro with multichannel PCM processing, you are in for a surprise. Only 2 channel downmixed 44kHz PCM over HDMI. Come on Charlie, update to 6 channel PCM and while at it add AAC encoding in...
  4. Kandiru

    Dish 622 "E" series running cooler

    So i got my ill fated D=dead HDMI replaced with an E. The D was hot like a furnace, so i took a Targus chill mat and now every time i touch the 622 all i can feel is cool metal. Woooow, what a change. I am wondering but too tired to experiment whether this series run cooler even without the...
  5. Kandiru

    VOIP DVR Dialout Solution Works

    Hi: The old 811 allowed me to dial *99 as a prefix priming the 1800 dialout number for data transmission to Dish. The farthest i got with the 942 is to have it start a smart card query, then fail while using an inverted DSL filter. Now the Sipura 1000 Unlocked ATA for 39 off ebay...
  6. Kandiru

    942 Voip Help Me Please

    I had the 811 for a while and worked great with my VOIP using the *99 prefix. Now i "upgraded" to the 942 and I CANNOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD make it dial a * into the prefix in phone settings. I called CSR who said all DVRs cannot be used with VOIP, and out of desperation even tried to...
  7. Kandiru

    Dish 942 distribution CATV network HELP!

    Hi: I still have the basic lineup from the cableco and the entire house is wired for CATV with RG59 cabling. I currently use one of the RG59s to extend my RF remote by hooking it to the 942 to one end and the little metal antenna to the other attached to the floor under my living room where i...
  8. Kandiru

    Showtime Package ordered, promptly cancelled

    Hi, i decided to diversify my viewing experience as i only get the Dish HD Pak and Voom currently. So i went for Showtime, after i first called and tried to haggle for ShowtimeHD only without success. I got excited as the Flix and Sundance i loved on cable will be back. Alas i discovered the...
  9. Kandiru

    Dish 1000 no 129 lock signal in Ohio/WV

    Hi: I live at the border of OH and WV in SE Ohio and have had no luck with the 129 LNB on my Dish 1000. I read and read moved and tinkered, connected the DPP Twin first w/o the Dual and got beautiful signals off the 110 and 119 birds, then attached the 129 which was always recognized but alas...
  10. Kandiru

    ACT NOW NO! to 1280x1080i link below:

    Start writing boyz and gals, i did it just now, the more the merrier, hope that Goliath will wake up:
  11. Kandiru

    Ready to start

    My system is forming up and would like to know more about my location. So far have not had much luck finding more than what i write below: What is my true south satellite for Marietta, Ohio? (39.415N, -81.455W) Thx
  12. Kandiru

    Dish to profit from 1280x1080i, newb's opinion

    Hi guys, I have my little theory on the downrezzing scam perpetrated by Dish (BTW a class action lawsuit may be in the works here). I look no further than to the MPEG4 programming starting in Spring. How will they make us bite the bullet and shell out hundreds for the new receivers? Very...
  13. Kandiru

    Experts help Traxis 4500 with Dish 1000

    Hi: Total FTA newb here. I got a Dish 1000 that i am installing this week with an 811 strictly for HD(well or sort of, xxxxing E* slashing resolutions i hear) for $20/mo :) Now the tricky part. I have a Traxis 4500 FTA receiver. 1. What will i be getting by simply plugging that box...
  14. Kandiru

    Dish Network Free-to-Air Receiver of Handcuffs?

    What is wrong with this item. Seller claims it is a Dish receiver with FTA. I am a newb but am i right in thinking this the kind of unit that will land one in jail?
  15. Kandiru

    Newb Dish 811 two room HD possible or not

    Hi: I am new here coming from cable. I got a used 811 off e-bay and a Dish 1000 after i called Dish and learned that i can just order HD (Pak and Voom) for $20/mo. So i will only keep my basic cable without the boxes and get 11 extra HD channels with $40 off my monthly bill :) Anyway, my...