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    so how bad or how good is it? video quality

    D* has Tivo. My son who lives in Weston, MA has had it for several weeks. He got it when he upgraded his D* to receive all the HD content.
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    A post today on AVS by a sales rep states that the following is the official list of the new HD channels: 1. Discovery HD 2. Animal Planet HD 3.TLC HD 4. Science Channel HD 5. Fox News HD 6. Nickelodeon HD 7. Spike HD 8. Travel Channel HD 9. FX HD 10. Speed HD 11. The Weather Channel HD 12. AMC...
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    Wliw Hd

    Poor choice of words. Sorry....
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    Wliw Hd

    WLIW In HD Apparently, I was wrong. I checked this a.m. myself and no HD. My eyes must be failing me because when I watched a recent Nova (or maybe it was Nature) program on WLIW - it was about wolves in Yellowstone - it was not only labeled HD but appeared so to me. That said, I did not...
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    Wliw Hd

    I am not techie enough to challenge Delorean or Cforest on technical grounds. I would ask that they both tune in to 721 at a time they have an HD broadcast. Try Word World tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. If your not home, record it. If you still don't agree, so it goes. As I understand the history...
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    Caller ID on Set Top Boxes

    As of yesterday I noticed that caller id is working in Norwalk. Great feature for us couch potatoes! P.S. I wonder how this works. I have Cable Optimum Voice so I assume the coax cable connection carries the info. I do not have any phone lines plugged into the SA 8200. For people getting...
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    Wliw Hd

    WLIW In HD I have now watched Nova on WLIW 721 and it was definitely in HD. Note the limited list of programs I noted in my original post.
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    Wliw Hd

    Am the last person to notice that WLIW 721 is broadcasting selected programs in HD: Word World, NOVA, Nature, Austin City Limits and Jakers? I don't think I have seen anything on this in any of the posts. Martin21
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    New Channels in September

    Over this past weekend I found that the Program Guide has appeared on Channel 1. Also, when I turn on the cable box it no longer starts on the channel I had previously set as the start channel. When turned on it starts on Channel 2. What is more the option to preset a start channel does not...
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    Question about HDMI

    See what happens if you press the # key when you experience this problem.
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    Tnt HD on 7/21/06 on channel 737

    TNTHD is now on Channel 737 in Wilton, Ct. I have it on as I type.
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    Optimum Online speeds are NUTS in my area

    Bill94, which wireless router are you using? I have a Linksys WRT54G and it only delivers approximately 6 Mgps download over the air. Hardwired with an Ethernet cable it delivers 13 to 14 Mgps. I don't have speed boost so my maximum would be only 15 Mgps. BTW I had to communicate with...
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    New Install q's: cable quality, pricing

    Beware of CV Come-ons I switched to CV about one year ago from D*. I received the "double play" discount because I also have CV Optonline. I was unceremoniously advised today that my double pay discount expired in mid April and that I now have the pleasure of paying $33 more per month for the...
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    Lots of problems with HD boxes...

    My HD/DVR works just fine and have no problems. Sounds like you have either a box or signal problem. I find that Cablevision service is prompt and professional. I'd call them and let them send a tech to troubleshoot. No cost to you, you just have to be there.
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    Remote Control

    I learned about a better remote control for the series 8000 Scientific Atlanta cable boxes. It can be found at I purchased it and I think it is the best "universal" remote I have ever had. It can be set to turn on/off multiple devices...
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    8300 questions

    There is a crude search by title in the 8300. Hit Guide, Channel Guide and the "A" in a triangle at bottom of screen. This allows you to browse by Title, Channel or Theme. If you select Title it allows you to enter the first letter of the show you are searching for. The difficulty here is...
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    VOOM gone OTA here

    Ryan, I ordered and received the PS-9370, connected it directly to the cable from the Winegard Sensar OTA antenna (eliminated multiplexer) and attached it to my Directv HD receiver. OTA channels are back. Cost of the PS-9370, including UPS ground, $27.63. Thanks for the help. Martin21
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    VOOM gone OTA here

    OTA Gone! HELP I may have screwed up. After VOOM satellite went dead I did a Factory Reset because one of the NYC channels was not mapped correctly and I needed to access the installation wizard which no longer worked. I knew about the need to get the box "hit" after the reset but thought I...
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    Voomer moved to Comcast – initial thoughts

    Switched to Cablevision IO Digital Optimum I switched about 10 days' ago and I am fairly impressed. I have everything, i.e. Rainbow Gold and three VOD premium channels: HBO, Showtime and Max. HD is quite satisfactory and includes the five broadcast networks, INHD, Thirteen HD, MSG Network HD...
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    Don't bother calling VOOM

    Positive Note I have had a long and painful experience in dealing with Voom CSRs in trying to get an antenna upgrade - spent hours on the phone - multiple CSRs - an installer unilaterally cancelling the upgrade without coming etc. I finally gave up in utter frustration plus the fact that I...