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  1. jpezz

    Confused about pricing

    Thanks to everyone. I chatted with Dish and found out that the original person quoted me the monthly fee for use without getting HD instead of the $20/month with HD. HD is not worth $20/month to me as I can't get locals and the main channel we like is TCM which doesn't have HD.
  2. jpezz

    What can 622 do?

  3. jpezz

    Confused about pricing

    I get 119 and 110. I know about the DVR fee as I pay that now for my 522 (see original posting). They never said anything about the $20/month fee but they did mention the $6/month fee for the HD which would be $1/month for the first six months. Sounds like a little double dealing here.
  4. jpezz

    Confused about pricing

    I am not sure but I think it is a Dish 500. The only reason I believe that is that there were discussions about Dish 1000 long after I got mine. I have a DP34 per System Info. The $20 HD fee. Is that per month? If so, then what is the $6 fee they quoted me for the HD service?
  5. jpezz

    What can 622 do?

    I tried searching and reading the topics but I am still confused. I am planning to upgrade to HD after 3+ years with my 522 and I read here that it seems you can do all sorts of things with a 622 but I am not sure which work. Can someone summarize for me or point to a page that has that info? I...
  6. jpezz

    Confused about pricing

    I have had dish America's 200 for 3+ years with a 322 and a 522. For Christmas I got an HD TV and called Dish to find out the cost to upgrade because the ad I got from them was totally confusing. They told me DVR upgrade (to a 622) was $99. Installation was included but "free". Monthly DVR...
  7. jpezz

    New Menu sucks!

    To those that told me about the double click, thanks but I am very tech savvy and knew about it already. That wasn't the point. And to those who meanly pointed it out, Merry Christmas. To those that supported me, thanks. There is no reason why E* should do this except to inconvenience me to...
  8. jpezz

    New Menu sucks!

    Nothing like pissing off your customers by shoving new menus down their throats to promote your products. Until a few days ago, pressing DVR on my 522 remote got me my recordings. Now it gets me a new menu so I can look at the "on demand" movies I have no interest in. A call to tech support...
  9. jpezz

    Closed Captioning

    I've had my service for over a year and a half. I use CC all the time on my 522. It used to sometimes not work and a reset was necessary but they must have fixed it because I no longer have any trouble. Now on my 322, it works all the time but there are a lot of scrambled words. And that...
  10. jpezz

    Got Phone Call today from Dish Nazi Audit team

    Some suggestions: When the audit team calls, ask them to prove to you who they are. Demand that they provide you with a phone number before you answer any questions which you can verify with Dish that proves they are legitimate. Tell them that you have been receiving phony calls from people...
  11. jpezz

    TV 2 Question

    Satellite blackouts? Ours is more reliable than Sleazycom Cable Company, the local cable no-supplier aka Mediacom. We had a commercial power failure for a couple of days so we lost satellite for that long but Sleazycom customers were out a week. Overall, we have had better signal quality and...
  12. jpezz

    Do You Have To Send Back The Remote ?

    After a few months with a 322, I found out I should have been told about the 522 so I whined and cried and wrote emails to Dish and finally got them to upgrade one of my 322s to a 522 at a reasonable (?) price. The installer came out (why couldn't I do it myself?) and I asked him if I had to...
  13. jpezz

    Lifetime offers $200 to Dump Dish

    I modified their statement as follows: I am ENCOURAGED about your decision to pull Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network off the air. You are denying millions of viewers like me the programming I can't stand anyway. There is no substitute for Lifetime except possibly the garbage can. Lifetime not...
  14. jpezz

    I hate my stupid TiVo-like device

    Hah! More likely a Tivo-like device that sees what you are watch, correlates it with your credit card purchases and your bank balances since it knows everything about you and fills the extra time with customized ads between the end of the game and the overtime. and, by the way, prohibits you...
  15. jpezz

    Install DISH on 6 TVs

    Two people. 4 TVs, one with dual RF input for PIP, 1 DVD player, 1 DVD recorder w/hard disk drive and burn capability, 1 Dish 522 DVR, 1 VCR (no longer used). Who says that in this country we have too many material possessions? John
  16. jpezz

    Must Carry Question

    I haven't read up on that rule in years but I though the rule requiring carrying local channels applied only if the channel did not want $$$ to be carried. If they did, then all bets were off and the carrying of that channel was based on mutual negotiation. That may be the case in this...
  17. jpezz

    Install DISH on 6 TVs

    This is by far the simplest and cheapest especially if you do it yourself and that's not hard. You simply get splitters from Wally World or your favorite retailer and split off the signal from the TV you want to mirror and run ordinary TV cable (RG-59) from the splitter to the other TV(s). These...
  18. jpezz

    Dish Payment with Checking Acct

    Right on! That's what I do (push instead of pull). Otherwise, if they say you owe $500 and you say $50, they deduct the $500 from your account and you get to fight to get it back. Meanwhile, you are out the $450 and may be overdrawn. John
  19. jpezz

    921 L2.70 Broke Trick Play

    Are you kidding? What a whiner! Obviously you don't own a PC with Windows or you wouldn't complain for another 10 years. These people don't hold a candle to Microsoft. JohnP :D
  20. jpezz

    Calling Dish customer support is pitiful

    There is only one solution to this outsourcing and poor CSR issue endemic with companies: All top executives (along with corporate attorneys and Board of Directors members) are put in one room. One is selected at random and one customer problem with all the customer's information is presented...